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Payroll Employee summary report - with the option to run report including each payroll

Started by Bradley Smith in Payroll Feature Requests | Idea

I would like the option to have the payroll employee summary report list all of the pay runs that go to make up the total shown on the summary report.
That report style would then allow me to check each pay run off against each other for differences if required, and allow me to to provide that detail to the employee as a confirmation of their being paid correctly each pay period if they query the totals shown..

Currently the only report that appears to give me that data, but it also gives me a whole lot of other unnecessary data is the payroll activity details report.
However this report requires me to manipulate an inordinate amount of details to get it into a report that will resemble the employee payroll summary. With all of the risks for error and a huge unnecessary waste of time.

A simple tick box as an addition that says - add each payroll entry - would allow each payroll run to be shown in the same summary format as the total if the report is run as it is now.
Would you be able to give a bit more detail on what extra info you'd like the Payroll Activity Details report to give you, Bradley?

As they stand, both reports show the same columns of info - the Payroll Activity Details report simply shows this by pay period as you're asking. It also includes the total number of pay items that are included in that category in the pay run e.g. under earnings you'll have the employee's ordinary earnings rate and leave however, the total is shown for each section.

Would it be more useful for you to have a report that shows the totals only for each pay run?

Cassidy H (Community Manager)

Hello Cassidy

Thank you for your question.

The problem payroll activity details report is that it is very detailed - correctly so, however the detail within it is not able to be manipulated easily when you download it into an excel report. The format is all wrong for doing this.

The payroll Employee summary report shows totals only - not the detail - and is easier to manipulate and play with when downloaded into excel.
The problem with the Payroll Employee summary report however, is that you cannot get any more information out of it.

What I am trying to get is a tick box on the report, like that which was included in the employee pay run summary report - which I now did not run, and I now no longer have access to as a result of being advised this only worked for global versions. I queried why I had access to it if it would not work for me, and they have now taken it off, which is good.

However that report had the ability to tick a box to get each pay run, or a period of pay runs shown on the report, that were in the exactly same format as the totals, and being totaled.

So what I am trying to be able to do is run the Payroll Employee summary report, in either
- total format as you currently get it, or
- in the same format, but showing each pay run for the year, giving me a yearly total, or for a period of 1 month or 6 monhs or however long I would like the period to cover, with the period requested totals.

This then will show me quickly the employee summary totals - for all employees, or for an individual employee, or a group of employees, for each pay run.

This will make it easier for me to quickly check payments made, to pay runs when errors or reconciliation problems occur, or to show employees when they have questions and I need to show them payroll information simply and clearly to help resolve the problem.

Happy to discuss further if this is not completely clear.

Thank you


Bradley Smith