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Payroll Set Up - Removal of requirement to have authorisation in place

Started by Dona Skaife in Payroll Feature Requests | Idea

When setting up a new client on Xero Payroll, I am unable to progress beyond the HMRC set up page, and then subsequenty file an RTI submission on behalf of our client, becuase we haven't yet got out PAYE authorisation in place.

This becomes an issue when it takes a week for an employer registration to arrive, and a further two weeks before an authorisation can be received, meaning that it is possible to not have the authorisation in place before the RTI submission can be made.

It is a clever feature to have in place for other most areas of tax, but unlike VAT for MTD, agents can file a return only on behalf of clients without having a full authorisation in place as mentioned on this HMRC page:


The info states:

"Once you’ve signed up for PAYE for Agents, you can file forms on behalf of your clients immediately without authorisation, by acting as a ‘filing only’ agent"

I've not come across this issue before now as most of the clients we have moved onto Xero Payroll were established employers with authorisations in place.

This is not so much a feature request but a request to correct the process as it is contrary to what is needed.