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AU Payroll - Pay Expense Claim via Pay Run

Started by Danny Mensingh in Payroll Feature Requests | Idea

Just found out it is not possible to pay an employee's Expense Claim via their wages (ie a payroll Reimbursement Item).

While The '801 Unpaid Expense Claims' internal Xero account *can* be assigned to a Payroll Reimbursement Item in Settings, it *cannot* be used in the Accounts Payable invoice that gets generated from the pay run.

The 2 workarounds are:
1) Create a separate account to assign the payroll reimbursement item to (eg 850 Expense Claims paid via Wages), enable that account for payments. As well as paying the employee via wages, also pay the expense claim from the new account.
2) Pay the expense claim outside of wages.

I will go for option 2 in the meantime (less hassle) but I would like to suggest to Xero to allow reimbursement of an Expense claim directly via a payroll item. All it needs is the 801 account to be enabled for payment, right ?!?

Official Xero Reply
Hi everyone, sorry it’s been a while since we last jumped in here with an update. New Expenses has just been rolled out to everyone and is free until 28 September 2018. After this, a per user charge will apply for each user who submits a claim, or has a claim submitted on their behalf. Please take a look at my recent update on this thread for more information on this release.

I do want to be upfront and let you all know that while there are currently no plans to change the expense claims paid through payroll, please keep your votes coming in so we can monitor demand.

The team are always looking for ways to improve the experience you have with Expenses, and with this new feature there is a lot of potential to do this. If there are any change in this space, I promise to be back in a heartbeat to let you all know.

Kavi S (Community Manager)