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Settings > Advanced: Tax rates screen - add column that shows tax types

Started by Francois Botha in Feature Requests | Idea

In Advanced settings > Tax rates, please add a column to this screen to show the tax types as well. Not the tax type field label that is used on the Chart of Accounts page (i.e. expense, fixed asset, overhead) but the database label (e.g. NONE, INPUT3, OUTPUT3)

If I hover on a number in the "Accounts using this tax rate" column, or click on that number to go to the Chart of Accounts screen I can see the tax type in the URL (e.g. https://go.xero.com/GeneralLedger/ChartOfAccounts.aspx?taxRateCode=GST/INPUT2) so clearly the data is readily available. It is this data/label that I would like displayed as a column on the tax rates screen.

Why do I need it? Because we have 10 companies (same country) with different tax types (eg INPUT3 vs INPUT4) and we're struggling to reconcile them. I can retrieve the tax types via the API (https://developer.xero.com/documentation/api/types#TaxTypes), but that's a nuclear option for something that should be simple.
Thanks for the details here, Francois. Being about API, I'd suggest that this conversation's best placed in our Developer Community - feel free to post again across here, where there are experts that can provide a bit more explanation.

If it turns out that this doesn't exist yet, they also have an ideas forum that you can post in with like-minded colleagues.

Cassidy H (Community Manager)

Hi Francois - Appreciate you've also followed up on this through our social channels, and we've re-opened the request here and slightly updated the title of the idea, so we can get begin tracking those interested in this.
We don't have any plans for this right now, but come back and add your own so we can share the interest with our product teams.

It'd help to get more understanding of how viewing this information in Xero would be beneficial for your business?

Kelly M (Community Manager)