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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Bills + Expenses

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 16 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Relay, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Relay

Intuitive and flexible business banking. Built with a powerful integration to Xero to increase financial visibility and automate bill payments. For more information, check out Relay.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Relay, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Relay support centre or email support@relayfi.com.

So very impressed with Relay - set up only took minutes! Customer service was highly responsive, and we love how nicely it plays with Xero. We are now recommending it to all of our clients and they love it!

Laura Pilkington  

Relay is the best business bank out there. We use it for our firm and we have many clients using it as well. It has a ton of great features- online bill pay, virtual cards, and accountant access to name a few. Its integration with Xero is perfect-- not only do we get a robust bank feed, the integration with Accounts Payable makes paying bills super easy. I highly recommend!

Joshua Lance  

Relay Financial is the perfect solution for the online entreprenuers that I work with. I even use it myself for my firm's business banking. They have amazing customer support and are focused on innovation. The Xero > Relay integration works seemlessly.

Kristin Disbrow  

RelayFi is simple to use and building more features quickly. It's my favourite new bank to recommend to clients and makes my life easier as an accountant. We use it internally for our banking as well - that is a huge testament to the RelayFi team and their product.

Liz Mason  

Relay is a bank that is designed with accounting integration in mind. They currently have a world-class integration with Xero and it's only going to get better. I'm looking forward to see how this relationship evolves.

Ian Crook  

Great banking option for syncing transaction and Managing cash. I highly recommend Relay.

Peter Minotti  

We have been using Relay with our clients for 6 months now. The integration with Xero is second to none. And it's a solid connection. The services offered by Relay in connection with their accounts are phenomenal. Debit cards with financial controls, easy transfer of funds between accounts, and bring over client accounts payable make our job easy and seamless. Double thumbs up for this financial institution.

Mario Raia  

One of the best Fintech services on the market. Personalized customer service is outstanding. Technical solutions are almost perfect. There are some minor administrative limitations typical for the banking industry and observed with any financial institution. Relay Financial are doing their best to serve their clients at all times. I am very satisfied with the service and strongly recommend Relay Financial to any business which is looking for a modern banking system.

Evgenios Antoniadis  

A great bank for your business! We really love Relay. Easy to use and great customer service.

Bryan Colvin  

Relay bank's direct feeds are awesome and allow them to be the easy automation that they were always meant to be. I've encouraged clients to move to Relay because it saves me time which I can then spend doing more valuable work for my clients.
Plus, the Bill Pay feature is so easy that it makes my clients life easier and then they too are SUPER happy.

Hillary Colvin  

I have been a Relay customer for a couple months so here are some things to know: 1. super easy to set up and use and it connects to Xero beautifully! 2. You can easily set up cards for employees or departments as a way to track/control spending - very useful! 3. You CANNOT use traditional checks (learned this the hard way) so you will need to set up online payments - either ACH or mailed checks for all vendors. So this can be tricky for things such as final payrolls. If your state requires you to give them a check on their last day you may want to have an account you keep to use for that purpose. 4. Customer service is above and beyond! I have been amazed at what they have done in setting up some of my business connections. They are a great partner to have.

Kristen Keats  

Relay is awesome!

Nikole Mackenzie  

Relay solves two systemic problems at once: bank feeds and bill payments. If a client asks for a bank recommendation, we start with Relay knowing it will save us tons of time. Onboarding is easy and the interface is WAY more intuitive that other bill payment apps. Highly recommend.

Amanda Aguillard, CPA  

Relay is as good as online banking gets! Customer support is fast, efficient, and very accommodating. We recommend Relay to all of our clients.

Justin Prusiensky  

We enjoy working with Yoseph and the Relay Fi team so much - their online banking platform and process is ideal for the online business owners and e-commerce sellers we serve! We especially love the benefit of how well it integrates with Xero and the vision for future development. Our clients love Relay Fi and so do we!

Jessica Mae Stafford  

Relay is my go-to bank for all of my new clients. Easy to set up, simple to integrate with Xero, and excellent features like bill pay (ach, wire or check). I needed to add a new account, it was ready and connected to Shopify/Stripe within minutes. Customer service is very responsive. I highly recommend Relay.

Jay Kimelman