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AU Payroll: Settings - Set multiple account types to a deduction

Started by Peter McQuillan in Payroll Feature Requests | Done!

As the business manager of a Church, I wish to be able setup in payroll a 10% deduction that goes directly to the revenue account for tithes & offerings & have discovered that I can only direct to a liability account? I am transitioning from MYOB to Xero & in MYOB I am able to successfully over-ride the warning that payroll deductions are usually a liability account that pops up when I setup a payroll dedcuction category in MYOB. It would be very helpfull if this feature could be made available in Xero.
Official Xero Reply
Hey Team- Great News!

In addition to Liability accounts, you can now select an Asset, Revenue or Expense account when setting up Deductions in the Payroll Settings.

Thanks heaps for your ongoing patience with this one!

Quenby S (Community Manager)