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AU Payroll - Print employee notes

Started by Catherine Field in Payroll Feature Requests | Idea

Provide us with the ability to print the employee notes.
We notes are made throughout the history of the employee's employment, and if for whatever reason they need to be produced in a written form, a screen shot of the notes isn't adequate, and to sit there and copy/paste each note into Word or something is very time consuming.
We have been asked to produce the notes we have for one of our employees for an employment dispute, and it would be very handy to be able highlight the notes and select Print.
It seems logical that if we have the ability to record infromation in the notes section of an employee that we should be able to print or even export it out into PDF.
Thanks, Cath
Wow, thanks for your detail here Catherine! Its always great for us to have a bit of background on why a request is needed for a business 😊 Be sure to add your own vote!

Jess W (Community Manager)

Great idea. We use notes to record things such as company assets issued, or training attended. That would be beneficial to print out.

Sally Pitson