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Report Templates - Turn Notes On/Off

Started by Natalie Owen in Feature Requests | Idea

At the moment when a note isn't needed the only option to remove it is delete. If a note is removed that shouldn't have been, or is now required, it can be very time consuming putting it back in to extent that it can be quicker to start from the template again.
The ability to simply turn a note on or off within a report would be much more user friendly as you could easily turn a note on if it was now required.
This could also enable us to have a much larger templated set of notes as ones that aren't commonly used could be defaulted to 'no' so that staff don't have to remove them from every clients report as they would now.
This would be a key tool for us in regards to being able to fully utilise V2 reports in our practice.

(A step further than turning notes on/off would be to have certain notes triggered by the use of the relevant report code - maybe a dream for the future)
Merged: NZ & AU Report Templates - Hide Notes to Accounts rather than delete

It would be great if we could hide notes that we don't need when preparing accounts, otherwise if we delete a note and then need it later we have to create a whole new template and lose all the customisations we have done which is a real pain.

Joshua Wilson

Again 100% agree

Anita Wildman

Merged: AU Report Templates - Notes to the financial statements

Can the individual notes in the notes to the financial statements have a hide function rather than a delete function. If I run a set of accounts and delete the blank note items then later I want to add a note I have to rerun the template and delete the notes I don't want all over again.
Alternatively the notes could magically appear if a report code is used for an account

Mark Kelly

Merged: Financial Statements reports - Ability to suppress individual notes

Rather than having to delete a note you didn't want printed it would be much better if you could just tick a box to suppress printing that particular note for the report. That way the note is still there to print if you need it next time.

Grant Johnston

Merged: Reporting - Changes to the notes to the financial statements

Not happy with the related party note and unable to change it. According to the recommended SPFR framework, we are required to disclose much more info than the basic Xero Notes. When will we be able to change the notes in the financial statements. Or is there a work around?

Cath Jollands


I guess Tax Depreciation and Pooling has occupied the Reporting team in its entirety for the last few years they haven't got on to this one yet?

Stephen Chard

Merged: On/off Visiblity Button on Notes to Financial Statements

When you prepare financial for multiple year for the same client, you use the same draft report to prepare the final reports.

Depending on the year the notes might be different. e.g.

year 1 Client has no receivables - Note not required
year 2 Client has X amount of receivables - Note required

If you are working on year 1 you have to delete the default note in order not to display as an empty note in the final report.

When you do year 2 you have to create the note again.

It would be very convenient if there was an on/off Note button that keeps the note but displays it only if activated.

Ilias Dimopoulos

Hi Ilias - Interesting idea here, thanks for posting. No plans for changes to financial report notes atm, but we'll be sure to update you if that changes. In the meantime, I've merged the thread here to keep votes together for this.

Tim S (Community Manager)

Yes, I 100% agree that this needs to happen as when there are around 26 schedules, and only 6 are needed, deleting 20 KILLS the concept of automation..............

Donnie (Reports) Buchanan

Couldn't agree more!! This problem will be faced by nearly everyone wanting to run the notes.

Steven Want

Merged: Report Pack - Notes. **Ability to hide notes not needed instead of having to delete them**

It would be great if we could have a feature in the report pack that meant we could simply hide or disable the notes in the 'notes to the accounts' we don't need instead of having to delete them completely. It's too hard and time consuming to bring them back once they are gone at the moment.

Sarah Bridgeman

Merged: Restore deleted notes from financial statements

It would be great if there could be a drop down of notes options or an undo button in the event that you accidentally delete a note that you need. Currently you have to start fresh or go back to a previous draft.

Nicole Reynolds

Hmm, taking a look at requests that have been asked before here in the community, I've found this one, Nicole - Financial Statements reports - Ability to suppress individual notes.

Would something like that solve what you're after? Let me know here, and I'll merge your post in (so we can keep all the feedback together) 😊

Lauren C (Community Manager)

Hi Lauren, yes that would be great. Can you please merge the threads & votes?

Nicole Reynolds

Close to a year on from our last update here at the end of Sep 2020 - Turning back to re-read conversation above, it appears this is very similar to the idea over here asking for the ability to surface or suppress notes with Report Templates.

With notes predominantly used when preparing financials, development around this would more likely be considered through Partners with the use of Report Templates.

To get a better collective idea of interest and keep this like-minded discussion together I'm going to move this discussion across there, and if there's news we'll be sure to share on the thread there for you all.

Kelly M (Community Manager)

Merged: Ability to hide notes from reporting template allowing easy resurrection of alternate notes

Biggest timewaster ever is having to run a new reporting template because you need more notes that you deleted last year or the year before when they weren't necessary, or having to re-create notes copy and paste wording from another template etc etc etc

Wouldn't it be nice if you could just hide unused notes so they don't report, e.g. only show in edit mode?

Jessie Alison