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Time tracking add-on: Sale price - materials / hours on job.

Started by Rohan Calvert -   in Using Xero Connected Apps

HI There,

I run a painting business and I am looking for a 'add on' to Xero that has the following function:

Sale price - materials / hours on job.

Xero has all the information (invoice - direct expenses / time sheet data).

Thanks and hope someone might have some information...
Hi Rohan. WorkFlowMax will do this well, but it you want something that the team can work with on site - specially if scheduling is an issue, also look at GeoOp.

Peter McCarroll  

WorkflowMax is awesome, but you could try Jobsheet also, it is easier to use, but has less overall functionality and reporting.

Glennis Stuckey  

We highly recommend GeoOP. Our property maintenance based businesses use this and to date we've received nothing but positive feedback from them.

If you'd like a demonstation or a trial email us at info@pureaccountants.co.uk and I'll have one the team to run through it with you.

Richard Adams  

Thanks heaps guys, really appreciate the feedback.

We have been running the whole business on BaseCamp, Xero, with HighRise for CRM and QuoteRoller for quotes. I did the trial with workflowmax and also geoop....They are very good, however, those options *are* a Phillips screwdriver, when I just need a flat head....if you pardon the analogy.
I am experimenting with "BaseCamp" extras, and so far Teamweek and Toggl solve the planning and time keeping, and the guys photograph any receipts and save as a file in the BaseCamp project file.
I am working with a Xero consultant here in Sydney - Jules - who is very good, to improve my understanding of Xero. I think that the reporting functions are fine for my business... and I export to excel make a end of month report, and easy enough to put in some simple formulae to reconcile time tracking with the profit and loss job reports.

I must say, that I love the internet, and it's democratisation of knowledge. Xero and GeoOP are from NZ (Yah! - me too), and the other APPS I use come from all over the Globe.

Rohan Calvert  

Hi Rohan,

I work with QuoteRoller.com and I wanted to make sure that your use of QuoteRoller.com integrated with Xero is going great.

You mentioned you have some needs associated to "Time Tracking Add ons" and specifically : Sale price - materials / hours on job. Is this something you wanted in the Proposal creation process or somewhere else?

Can you send me a note and let me know how Quote Roller can better serve you? I would love to chat and show you how we do this and hear how we can improve our service to you in general.




Dustin Yoder