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Expense Claims - Enter in foreign/multiple currencies

Started by Juan Carlos Farah -   in Feature Requests | Not planned

Please offer this feature asap! I have so many expenses I incur when travelling and converting them to GBP when a couple weeks have gone by is such a nightmare. I really struggle with it to the point that sometimes I avoid expensing things because I know that it will be hell to log things into the system. And then when I actually do, I use the current exchange rate not the actual one for the day when I incurred the expense, which results in lack of accurate conversions. PLUS, I need to include the original value in the item description just for reference. HOW ANNOYING IS THIS PROCESS?

AND, this is particularly annoying because my company pays for the multiple currency version of Xero. I have been offered workarounds, but a clean revamp of the Expenses feature has to be implemented ASAP!

Official Xero Reply
Hi everyone - wanted to give you another update. Our position is much the same as the official reply in July. While we have made great progress addressing a number of the more highly requested features (by my count, there are now only 14 requests with more votes than this one), we have still not started working on this.

Again, sorry it's not better news.

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)