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Have the option to schedule send an emailed wage slip with a future date.

Started by Paula Owen in Payroll Feature Requests | Idea

It would be really helpful to be able to schedule a future emailed wage slip - the only option at the moment is to download and print or email ( which has to be sent at that moment ) the benefits to me to be able to choose would be if times are quiet and you can get ahead and you are in a position to process payroll early - I don't want to send out either multiply weeks slips to employees, equally I don't want them to become aware that if I want to process payroll early I can as if there comes a time that is not possible they will be so used to that. Another important one is if payroll is processed too early and any amends are needed ( yes there is a way to revert, however I equally don't want them to think thats a given and they can change things last minute after the agreed deadline between payroll and client ) It would be good as what I am doing at the minute is sending out either multiply slips or scheduling myself an email to then go back into each client and send emailed slips ( a duplicate task ) !!!!