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Bill.com for Xero

Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Bills + Expenses

4.4 out of 5 stars
Based on 64 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Bill.com, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Bill.com

Bill.com for Xero is a magically simple bill payment solution that eliminates double data entry and provides paperless A/P and A/R. For more information, check out Bill.com.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Bill.com, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Bill.com support centre or this page for information on connecting Bill.com to Xero.

@Chris Kern We're sorry to hear that you're not enjoying the new user experience. If you can come to the Support tab in your Bill.com account, we would love to get more feedback so we can keep making strides to continue improving the system.

Bill.com Support  

New platform falls flat. The management at Bill.com can't explain why a forced migration to a lesser platform makes sense, but having used bill.com for years I'm done. Can't trust this management team to make the right decisions in the future. Whatever their reasoning, this was the New Coke experience when Classic is classic for a reason. Basic features on the old platform are now hidden or missing. The new UI loads slower, doesn't cache as much relevant data to perform searches across the account, basically slows workflow. Absolutely not an upgrade.

Chris Kern  

Cumbersome and bug-prone. Support is very poor and blames Xero when after many hours of digging I find the issue was in Bill.com. Charged me double and I am still waiting on a refund. I tried to contact my sales rep with no response. I switched to Plooto wow what a difference seamless integration Easy to use fast and HALF the price I am so glad Bill.com is unresponsive it gave me the opportunity to fin PLOOTO yay.

Richard Loasby  

Recently worked with Daniel F. on the Bill.com chat support line today. He was very informative and worked to get my issue resolved when syncing up Bill.com with my Xero Accounting software. Keep up the great work.

Laura Rusk  

I've been using Bill.com for a couple weeks now. Super efficient. I had a sync issue which I was able to resolve by chatting with a Bill.com rep who was very knowledgeable and patient. We ran into a couple issues which she was able to help me fix. Many of our vendors already use Bill.com so we're able to send most payments electronically. I'm still working to add more.

Don Schaffer  

I simply want to accept credit cards for my Xero invoices and have it as automated as possible. Is this the right solution or an extra layer and fee? Thanks.

David Sonn  

Chat support is very quick and useful. Extremely functional use for company sizes from sole proprietors <$250k to midsize companies <$150m. Great audit trails, payment schedules, integration and clearing with Xero. 10/10 would recommend for ANY business to use this integration because it streamlines internal/external controls, holds all invoice back ups for tax purpose, and creates a seemless AP/AR process.

Natalia was my chat rep today and did a great job.

Andrew Gunter  

Work well together and use it for multiple clients. Sync is smooth and whenever there is an issue Bill.com's fast and great customer support can help you out.

EJ Melzer  

Great customer support.

Rose Fricke  

Great review Wayne, thanks for adding your thoughts. Don't forget to come back and add your star rating :)

Lauren C (Community Manager)  

I had a problem where I created duplicate vendors and needed to merger them to one. Through live chat Anna completed this in just a few minutes. I had no wait time for the live chat as well. Excellent support and products.

Wayne Ross  

When there was a problem with a sync between bill.com and xero, Gilberto(bill.com) handled the situation very professional and kept me up to date on progress regarding the issue. As soon as it was resolved, he sent me an email. Now that is fantastic customer service.

Dianne Singleton  

Just started using Bill.com with my first client and setup was so much easier than I anticipated. Support from my sales rep AND chat has been wonderful so far.

Laura Pilkington  

Bill.com's customer support is fantastic. Very low wait times on the chats, and they're always able to sort out any issues. Very happy with the service!

Kyle Jackson  

Robert was excellent! Rarely can I say that I love any company's customer support. Most often I'm re-routed to India and recited a script, with no support rep comprehension of my problem, which is really frustrating. But, I gotta say that Bill.com has got this nailed. This makes my life and my job better. No frustration. No hesitation or planning to be on the phone with customer support for two hours while pulling my hair out and inevitably raising my voice. Thank you for making it so easy! You are the best!

Whitney Cline  

@Heath Shaffer Thanks for your feedback! Customers, ideally, self-select themselves into a portal (meant for customers who are individuals) OR basic payables (meant for customers who are businesses). However, there are some cases that lead to customers ending up with both accounts. We are looking into fixing those issues and also make sure the invoice status gets reflected correctly in both accounts if customers do end up with that situation.

Abhishek Sinha  

We are only a few days in to our trial and there have been some pros and cons.

First we connected our paypal account and set up to be able to have clients pay with Paypal. Our first client on the system found that they were not given the option to pay with Paypal.
- I used the chat help and they were able to resolve the issue, for some reason the Paypal validation process had stalled in their system. Diane from support quickly identified and resolved the issue.

Second we had an issue that an invoice showed as PAID on our end, but OVERDUE on the customer end. I went back to the live chat support. They were able to identify that there are two different places your customer might login, the customer portal, and Basic Payables. Apparently this can be confusing and our client created accounts on both. Customer support was able to explain and resolve it quickly, however, in my opinion, customers paying invoices should not be able to make this mistake, it needs to be straight forward.

So far my experience is that bill.com is not as simple and straight forward to use as I would have hoped, but at least the Support Staff has been great to work with in resolving issues.

Heath Shaffer  

BDC is always been patient and very helpful.

Kathy Gonzalez  

Excellent chat support! I always receive great care at a high level. My issue is always resolved. I only have a 4 rating versus 5 because once partial payments or credits are applied in Xero it no longer syncs to Bill.com. This often can cause sync errors. Support always helps me trouble shoot.

Meghan Bachman  

Bill.com is a great time-saver, a real step toward the paperless office. Integration with Xero is solid. Support is excellent.

Alan S. Adler  

Bill.com simplifies so much. The sync/integration with Xero is good. The best part is Bill.com's customer service is always available and helpful if there is a need to reach out. The chat option is awesome.

Monica Jennemann  

@Gertjan Schut Thanks for your feedback. I understand things did not go well during your onboarding. We will follow up with you shortly.

Abhishek Sinha
Senior Product Manager

Abhishek Sinha  

Testing and Onboarding has been impossible for us. Maybe you are luckier.
Linking the bank accounts did not work, but could probably be solved with some support. Logged into our citi account 6-8 times successfully, on different days trying to validate, but got errors that routing numbers were wrong. I then proceeded to do the "long" way of validation which resulted in Bill.com freezing everything and sending us a request to send a grocery list of documents to comply.
Before complying, we were assigned a sales rep with whom we scheduled a call. Unfortunately, he was unable to explain basic features that were important to us, like if there would be a month stated on the invoice reference with monthly recurring invoices. He also kept talking about automatically paying vendors, which is not what we wanted.
Within 5 minutes the discussion became heated and we had to disconnect the call, never had a call like that before. We requested to talk to someone else. This was denied and would only be honored after we send him the full bank validation list of documents. So we were stuck with him and had to cancel the onboarding of our company.

Gertjan Schut  

Love the integration with Bill.com, RB, and Xero, and Bill.com's chat support is incredible! I hope to see more support systems adopt the live-chat feature, which can be very helpful in answering quick questions that don't necessarily require a few hours hold time via email.

William Hurley  

@Craig O'Hanlon - Thanks for your review and detailed feedback. I understand things did not go right during your onboarding process. This is very unusual and we would like to follow up with you to see why this happened. Our support team will be reaching out to you shortly.

Abhishek Sinha
Senior Product Manager, Bill.com

Abhishek Sinha  

If you can actually get your account set up with Bill.com and Vantage, it MIGHT be a good service. But here is a summary of how my last month with them just went (in the comments of why I cancelled):

Bill.com asks why we are cancelling:
Where to start? We have had no end of trouble getting this app to work. First, to accept credit cards through Vantage - they kept losing my info after sending it to them 12 times! That took 1/3 of my free trial... Then, after completing all the Start Here steps that you list, you decide to say you are returning my clients payment because we didnt set up our checking account for large payments. We did! I did it twice and you still haven't noticed it yet! That took another 10 days of my free trial, so I am over 20 days into my trial and still not set up completely by you - through no fault of my own! I have done all your requested steps. I have redone all your requested steps, and you STILL haven't fixed everything! Next, you deleted several of my invoices that carried over into XERO. That may have been something I did, but honestly, the tutorials here are terrible, so I didnt realize it would show the way it did in Xero. So I had to recreate invoices using different invoice numbers - which is an audit exception - so thanks for that! Lastly, I tested Bill.com with one of my clients rather than all of them - and it was a good thing I didnt switch everyone over because they would ALL be pissed off and I wouldnt have ANY money in my checking account! First, you took the money out of my clients checking account - told me a payment had been made, then never deposited it my checking account - but instead decided the limit was too high so you returned it to the client. He called me to ask why and I didnt have a good answer for him. Then he repaid the invoice, this time using a credit card, and instead of actually believing that it was him making the payment, you called him just to make sure it was a real payment. He didnt call you back. Instead, he called me and was kinda pissed. So, thank you for damaging my client relationship. If I lose him, I will look to you for the loss of $1000 per month from him. Please let me know when you have seriously upgraded your on-boarding and how to tutorials.

Craig O'Hanlon  

We have been using Bill.Com for a couple of years now and have encouraged many of our clients to use it as well. Bill.Com is very user friendly and they have a great Support system wherein you can chat with someone immediately if you have a question!

Terri Morris  

We've been using Bill.com for many years and they have a reliable service you can count on. Also, their tech support is first class and usually always solves our problems. We love Bill.com and intend to bring many more clients onto their platform.


Overall, I'm still learning my way around bill.com, as we recently started using the system. However, all question I've had thus far, have been answered quickly through bill.com's Support Center Chat feature. So far so good :)

Natalya Canarelli  

We don't use Bill.com for A/R, only invoice payments, but issues are rare. We usually run into 1 sync error every other month with ~75 transactions a month.

Quinten Thompson  

I believe Bill.com and Xero are a good match, but only giving 4 stars because I have to spend too much time resolving sync errors.

Mark Dingman  

I've been using Bill.com's integration with Xero since 2013. They've made tremendous strides with the sync over the years but my favorite part is getting auto paid by my customers. Highly recommended.

Alexis Louis  

Love the help bill.com support provides. Sync errors come up that are confusing and they take care of it right away!

Michelle Egan  

@Noticed LLC - Both workflows are supported - you can create invoices in bill.com or Xero. See this article for more details on how it works: https://support.bill.com/hc/en-us/articles/205569909-Xero-Sync-2-0-At-a-Glance

Please don't hesitate to contact our sales or support team for more information.

Abhishek Sinha
Senior Product Manager, Bill.com

Abhishek Sinha  

Besides the fact that Bill.com works well with Xero, their Chat Support team is amazing! It is rare when they cannot solve a syncing problem.

Justin Thomsen  


What is the flow here with xero and bill.com? Do we create the invoices in bill.com and it syncs to xero, or is it the other way around?

Adam Butt  

Bill.com is fantastic and the support is the best I have seen in a while. They are easy and great to work with.

Paula Jones  

We have been using bill.com since January and we love it! We recommend it to all of our clients that are using Xero as their accounting platform. The integration does have it's quirks and takes some time to fully become proficient and efficient. Once you get over the learning curve it is very user friendly. Plus, if you encounter any problems their support team is there to help and they always provide excellent customer service! Bill.com has really helped our firm to reduce our accounts receivables because it has provided a much easier way for our clients to pay their invoices.

Karina Torres  

The integration between Xero and Bill.com is much smoother and user friendly with the 2.0 platform upgrade. There seems to be less sync errors and when errors do occur, it is less daunting to troubleshoot. It is good to know however, that the tech experts always provides excellent customer service!

Michelle Pedretti  

We've been using Bill.com with Xero across our client base for several years now, and recommend it to every new client. Take the time to do the certifications so that the system capabilities are fully understood. Also, the customer service experience has always been top of the line.

Dan Schmidt  

We've experienced excellent customer support during our integration with Xero. They are very helpful answering all questions! Love the online chat!

Kristi Potts  

I use Bill.com with most of my clients and the integration with Xero is excellent. The two way sync eliminates so much data entry and reduces time spent processing payables and receivables. Because I can streamline my client’s AP and AR processes by using Bill.com, I am able to spend more time advising my clients on financial decisions that matter most. I cannot recommend Bill.com enough!

TAABS Admin  

The chat feature is really great. Always a quick response and it allows me to work on other things while they are handling the errors/questions for me!

Melissa Deen  

Love the new chat feature. Much easier to get things corrected when there are problems. Love the one on one interaction. Only downfall is the new sync process doesn't work as well as we had hoped. We were used to the hourly syncs and now are only getting one every 24 hours.

Jennifer Hilton  

Bill.com has been great for my practice. Easy client and staff management. Saves so much time on payables. One of my most trusted integrations

Slava Heretz  

Wonderful customer service. Always very helpful and patient!

Jennifer Cross  

The customer support is top notch. They work really hard at getting everything integrated correctly.

Jeff Petty  

Bill.com customer support is excellent. They are always helpful and patient. Highly recommend

Luis Cabrera  

Bill.com is essential to the bill payment process for our customers and it gets heavy use daily from our team. I love that I don't have to mess around with sync settings anymore now that Sync 2.0 is in play.

Mike Doan, CPA  

Impressive range of functionality (i.e., you get full benefits of both Bill.com and Xero). "Slide show to fix errors" approach is novel and great when it works -- but the slideshow doesn't always help. Sync errors seem to be common, and the documentation on them isn't great. But all sync errors I've encountered have been resolved when I interact with support directly.


Luke Brown  

Bill.com Sync 2.0 has made integration to Xero so easy! This is a great user friendly bill pay option for our clients and the customer service chat option is a quick way to get help when you need it.

Bookkeeping Express  

We're loving the direct integration between Bill.com and Xero. Huge shout out to the Bill.com Customer Service Team and Patti Searle for providing great support!

Elizabeth Palumbo  

Bill.com's integration with multiple apps is a convenient and efficient time saver that provides extreme value to our clients.

Kiya Lewis  

Been a user since 2009 and our only partner solution for accounts payable management. It was a struggle with Xero Sync 1.0. Sync 2.0 has some work to be done but not enough to not pick Bill.com as our solution of choice.

Marvin Galang  

Bill.com is has everything you need regarding your AP and AR and their sync with Xero makes the reconciliation easy and seamless. Their customer service responded to my request within an hour and were very helpful throughout the process. Overall I am very satisfied from my experience with bill.com and their product.

Nick Pustorino  

Bill.com is Awesome! It is absolutely essential to my practice, and I use it with most of my clients. Features such as two way sync eliminates so much data entry and reduces time spent processing AP and AR. Great customer service. Overall I would recommend it to everyone.

Ramandeep Brar  

Bill.com has changed my life. It's sometimes hard to remember that I used to do everything manually by hand. Since our business has grown, using Bill.com and Xero together has vastly decreased the time I spend invoicing and paying bills, even though our business has way more of each. And the customer service I receive from Bill.com has been top notch. The new integration is most definitely better than using third-party OneSaaS.

Judy Williams  

Bill.com is absolutely essential to my practice. Couldn't do most of my high value services without it. Controllership, cash management, etc. The new Xero integration is vastly more reliable — hoping to see more options for the sync settings in the future, but overall I'm very happy.

Blake Oliver  

Honestly my "seamless migration" and ongoing integration has been a nightmare! However, with the direct technical support of Gagan Singh (screen share and time on the phone) my overwhelming frustration has dissipated; prior to the support calls, I was considering dropping Bill.com.

Hamish Dunn  

I have been happy with it. Like @Claudia Rodriguez, I like the ability to attach documents to every transaction. I don't like that it comes through as "bank transfer to bill.com money out clearing" instead show the actual description of the invoice. I wouldn't see that when I use a credit card or POS withdrawals. Maybe you need some way to add this to the bank memo field.

Keith Gormezano  

I have been actively using bill.com for about a year now, and I have found that I like it more each time I expand how I use it. Currently, we invoice through bill.com, as well as manage our A/P through it. It is a perfect solution for my company as I travel a good deal and have access virtually 24/7 as well as having the controls that I need to have in place when I am out of the office. Great product and great price for the value I get from it.

David Venard  

Bill.com is the best payables management tool we've used. The sync 2.0 has made everything smoother, much better integration. It makes tracking A/P much easier. Being able to pay through Bill.com eliminates having to enter the payments manually. Everything just syncs and transactions post where they should. It's cut down on data entry for all of our clients.
One feature that makes it indispensable for us is that we can attach documents to every transaction. It's so useful, especially when we need to provide supporting documents for audits.

Claudia Rodriguez  

@Beverly Tang - Thanks for your review. Please take a look at this link for more information about how the reconciliation works: https://support.bill.com/hc/en-us/articles/206628433-Reconciling-your-bank-account-with-Xero. You can look at the clearing account to see details of individual payments.

Abhishek Sinha  

Integration is fairly smooth. i just wish that it doesn't come through as "bank transfer to bill.com money out clearing" instead show the actual description of the invoice. Seems like even when i click on the link, i don't get any additional information. I would need to go back to bill.com and see what it was for and then go to my chart of accounts to make sure it was booked properly. If there's a way to fix this and i am not aware, please do let me know! Other than that, everything is great! thanks!

Beverly Tang  

I really enjoy using the v 2.0. Xero to Bill.com
We find a/p and a/r easier to track and run analysis.
Our clients are very happy to see OneSaas go.
I find bill.com to be very user friendly and they have fantastic customer support.
Xero to Bill.com is definitely a step in the right direction for streamlining a/r and a/p processes.


Stephanie Holt  

Bill.com is so user friendly. We have a lot of clients and when we on board them, there are never any issues in accomplishing the assigned tasks. Also the support is great and very helpful. Anything we have had issues w/ in the past has been upgraded and works very smoothly.

Lisa Barker  

@Taylor Smith @Autumn Brown - Thank you for your reviews. The ability to mark a bill in Bill.com as "write a check for it in Xero" depends on an open feature request with the Xero team. Please vote for it here: https://xero.uservoice.com/forums/5528-xero-accounting-api/suggestions/11386755-create-a-payment-and-mark-pay-by-check-via-api

Abhishek Sinha
Senior Product Manager, Bill.com

Abhishek Sinha  

@EdwardJaekel Thanks for your review. We do have an option (available by contacting customer support) to not bring transactions from Xero to Bill.com.

Abhishek Sinha
Senior Product Manager, Bill.com

Abhishek Sinha  

The integration between Bill.com and Xero is great. To add to that, the customer support at both companies makes it so much easier to get the best out of the integration. I love the efficiency it creates!

Kurt Allen  

EFLOW Accounting Office loves the new tool. Slowly but surely we're taking clients business detail and only having to enter it once. Tons of efficiencies! Can't wait for more. Thanks.

Bryan Wolfe  

Fantastic integration - so much better since it's going direct and not through a 3rd party. Bill.com and Xero make beautiful automation together. For the one issue I have had, a quick contact with support resolved the issue

Patty White-Carson  

I still have issues with the sync.It is troublesome. We run millions through bill.com a year, so the number of errors compared to the volume may not be that material. I still spend about 2 hours a month correcting it.

Jakob Dwyer  

The integration is much smoother than before. On some of our clients we are having an issue syncing invoices/bills from customers who are also vendors. For example - we have a client who has individuals who are both vendor/customers and we're having to manually move those over.

Dave Willson  

I'm so glad we don't have to use the OneSaas intermediary piece anymore. The direct integration is great. When reconciling in Xero now, the bill.com transactions are automatically matched. Much easier and quicker than having to do a transfer each time to the clearing account in the reconcile screen.

Ken Jurgensen  

The sync is definitely smoother, and, not only are there fewer issues, they are easier to resolve. I agree that the integration would be much improved if payments and voids flowed both directions so that items don't need to be deleted or marked in both places. However, it's not a common issue for my clients.

De Ann Garrison  

I agree with Taylor Smith, the ability to mark a bill as "writing a check for it in Xero" would eliminate numerous sync-errors for my client. The A/R works fantastically and I've never seen a better A/R balance. But…the A/P is awful. I can't get Bill.com to acknowledge that Xero has the precedence as far as A/P is concerned. Another concern is the help desk. I entered a help chat a few days ago that had 29 people in line ahead of me!

Autumn Brown  

The integration is much smoother since we switched to the 2.0 connector. It would be nice if I could pay bills using traditional checks in Xero and that payment flow to the bill in Bill.com. Or at least mark a bill in Bill.com that you intend to write a check for it in Xero. There was a similar feature in the quickbooks integration--a button below the pay button said Print from Quickbooks or something similar. I found that very useful and miss it since I switched to Xero.

Taylor Smith  

Works great, but have one nagging issue. Payroll transactions from ZenPayroll dump into Accounts Payable which then pull up into Bill.com and need to be dealt with. One client has a manditory multi-approval requirement in excess of $1,000 with one required approver. This locks the transaction up when uploading into Bill.com as it auto assigns only the manditory approver.

Edward Jaekel  

Bill.com and Xero are great. I have a lot of clients that use both and the integration works great!!!

Liz Colon-Escobar