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Started by Sue Reeve -   in Small Business

If your business model is based on time, and your team is working remotely, how do you give them autonomy to do the work, but as a manager maintain oversight - in real time?

And with times so tough right now, how do you focus less of your own time on admin and invoicing tasks and more on generating revenue?

Could a simple piece of tech really bring about deeper more meaningful relationships with your clients, at a time when we are mostly remote?

We'd like to introduce Time Hawk, which has been developed uniquely for small service businesses with remote teams to give them precision, control and power when it comes to their day to day operation.

The time spent by your team is your most valuable (and expensive) asset. Time Hawk will allow you to use time productively, and maximise business profitability from it. While also drawing your clients closer.

With Time Hawk you will have:

Control – over tasks: prioritise; jump between different actions; see what is happening in real time

Confidence – know you are recording details meticulously and accurately, allowing you to be completely transparent with your clients

Power – through the numbers: scrutinise the way you are spending time; how much time you will be billing before you bill it; measure your team’s time performance; see where the non-billable time is being spent; know who your most valuable clients are

Freedom – by automating lower value time consuming tasks and spend your time in more profitable ways

Customisation and personalisation – because we know your own brand is important to you; as is keeping things private and secure for your clients

A Cutting edge brand – with the ability to demonstrate your forward thinking approach; offer your clients your very own phone app

Key Functionality and Features of Time Hawk:

o Dashboard overview compiling live actions, client appointment calendar, total billable time for the current week compared to last week, and Quick link functions
o Task and time management system, with integrated timer function and auto-recording
o Client profile templates to store individual account, contact and provider information
o Dynamic settings to enable client facing access (via app or portal), bespoke billing rates, tailor-made greetings and other unique identifiers
o Intelligent email functionality, enabling auto-logging of client responses, with all client communications archived and data stamped for future auditing
o Appointment management system, with click-to-accept-to-diary functionality for client (via email or app)
o Productivity reports by user, client, agents or corporate clients
o Supplier database template to store provider and contractor contact data, record contractual agreements, star-rate or black-list, create links between clients and suppliers and review job histories
o Activity archive and history search functionality
o Automatically generated weekly client reports emailed (with summary preview approval) plus interim downloadable report on demand
o Auto-generated end of month invoicing report, and on demand preview report, plus interim invoicing report on demand
o Client facing mobile app (android and ios) allowing clients to send a new request, give approvals, respond to emails, review reports and click-to-accept diary appointments into the phone’s calendar
o Client facing portal login via your website, giving clients all of the above functionality
o One click generation of draft invoices in Xero
o Integration with Go Cardless to enable online direct debit payment by your clients
o Agent level and Corporate level logins (under your control) to invite 3rd parties to login and review actions and reports for relevant clients

Time Hawk is a built-for-purpose platform, simple enough to learn quickly, and comprehensive enough to offer ‘business-in-a-box’ benefits.  

As a Xero user, we'd love to know what you think! Pay nothing during the pilot, continue to use Time Hawk free for 3 months, and enjoy life-time discounts if you choose to continue.

Please email Sue Reeve to request Beta Tester access, with a brief outline of your business:


"Sue Reeve introduces Time Hawk": https://vimeo.com/300771149/3418256a3f