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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |CRM

4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 111 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Insightly, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Insightly

The #1 online CRM & Project Management application for small and growing businesses. For more information, check out Insightly.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Insightly, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Insightly support centre or this page for information on connecting Insightly to Xero.


Insightly offers a logically structured CRM software that helps to organize your business. Helpful features include tags, ability to assign tasks directly, link emails to Insightly to see the thread directly in the software, visually see progress/percent completion on tasks, and more.


- With that being said, if you are a SMALL BUSINESS, do NOT expect to be taken care of by Insightly customer service. If you did want to be taken care of, you need to prepare to have to add a substantial budget for assistance.

-I was very disappointed because after speaking to the sales representative in August, I was offered a whole package that unfortunately took a MONTH to confirm. By that time the package was no longer available, and all the training sessions that were originally offered with my package had disappeared. When i revisited the training a few months later, Insightly tried to sell me a whole new packages to buy additionally. Obviously being a small business, this is absolutely not possible for us because the investment of Insightly is already a substantial investment.

Strass Berger  

Hi I am just into my first week of trial to see if the Insightly crm intergrated with Xero
is going to be suitable for our organisation.
So fa I am pretty impressed.
Once small thing that is very important. Can we turn Xero quotes into Insightly Opportunities?
It would be fantastic if someone could offer some way to do this as I need to make some decisions on this programme in a couple of days.

Leanne Harivel  

We have been using Insightly for over 4 years now. Started way before Xero integration been created.

I love:
- Database structure, the only CRM on the market, that I know of, that can actually reflect complex relationships in between people and multiple connections (eg. John Smith is a husband to this person, thather to another, treasurer at this organisation, accountant at this firm, servicing as an accountant 15 of other firms, also investor in this company, related to 2 of our projects, and related to 5 opportunities in our sales pipeline).
- Synchronisation with Gmail. As soon as contact is added I have it in my Gmail and my Phone Contacts.
- Dynamic Task lists, we can assign tasks to each other and easilly check when they are done. The area of productivity where WFM and XPM is failing missirably.
- Custom Fields. You can create any field you want to track particular activity.

All of the above is useless since they have switched to Zendesk and it is impossible to contact support. They have been making it more and more and more and more difficult. Even if you spend and hour looking for how to submit your question it goes to public forum and you do not get an answer for months, sometimes none at all. So the system works for us as we have set it up when Inshigtly used to have support. New users now... Good luck figuring it out on your own.

Nick Dorogavtsev  

Hi Patrick,

Great work with the integration. Our nonprofit doesn't use invoices much since most income is in the form of donations, often unexpected. When reconciling in Xero we categorise each item to the relevant contact, but when viewing the Xero data from within Insightly this income doesn't seem to show up. Could all finance data for the contact be sucked in rather than just the invoices/bills?

Matthew Stockdale  

Great that this integration exists, but Insightly shows Xero items that have been deleted or archived in the Create Draft Invoice feed. This appears to be a Xero API bug. Can this be fixed? Read more about this issue here:

Harold Broese van Groenou  

Hi Leanne,

Great to hear that you are interested in Insightly. We have a very large customer base of non-profit organizations. If you would like someone from our end to get in touch, please feel free to share your contact information or please contact sales@insightly.com. I have informed them of your inquiry and they will be able to follow up.

Patrick Kaldawy  

Hi, this isn't a review, more a request for feedback. I work for a charitable organisations (approx. 100 employees) and we are already using Xero. We are now considering also using Insightly as the integration between the two looks good. I wondered if any other charities are using it and what their experience has been?

Leanne Sinclair  

supercool !

Pop Phanchita  

Thank you for reaching out to me with your question, for everyone's reference i will add it below

Great to see you on the Xero site. I would like to ask about plans to offer quotes from insightly. Right now in our process we have to have a sales team member request a quote to be generated from Xero and then have that quote turned into an invoice down the line. Right now this is ok, but as our volume increases I am concerned it will be a hole in our pipeline. Can you address this to the community? Thanks!

I recently had a discussion with Xero's team and unfortunately their API does not support quotes yet, until they do, there is not much i can do. I believe it won't be long now before they enable it, at which time i will implement into Insightly.

Thank you!

Patrick Kaldawy  

Hello Again,

I have realized that when you reply to my posts, they are all going to the Xero support team. I would like to share Insightly's support email if you wish to use it.

It will be support@insight.ly and to insure i will get that email please add in the subject line 'Attention: Patrick Kaldawy'

Thank you!

Patrick Kaldawy  

Insightly keeps our office very organized.
Great tool ! :)

Kanokporn Kaweekitthana  

As for Contact Linking, this only happens when you select the 'Copy From' or 'Copy to' option when the contact is linked. There are a few business rules around that, the first is that we do not overwrite any existing data on Xero's end.
you can always start by creating a new contact from the Xero tab inside Insightly, that will create and link that contact for you and then you can choose the copy option to merge data into Xero.

Again, thank you all for being such great customers of both Insightly and Xero.

Patrick Kaldawy  

The current state of the Create Invoice feature is as you have experienced it, you are not doing anything wrong. The original idea is that this feature will just kick of the creation process of an Invoice, under the assumption that it is a workflow with multiple people involved, especially the part where someone else completes and approves the invoice.
Since then we have realized that is not always the case and so we are planning to enable multi-line items and quantities to this feature. I cannot give you a timeline but i will be sure to inform you through this thread once it is released.

Patrick Kaldawy  

My name is Patrick Kaldawy, i am the integrations manager at Insightly and the developer that wrote this integration. It is great to see such positive feedback!
Xero has given me access to this thread and the ability to reply to your posts, so i will be checking in regularly and i will try to the best of my ability to respond to everyone's concerns and questions.

Patrick Kaldawy  

I'm trying out Xero and Insightly together as the combination would be very useful. Linking up my two demo's was straight forward enough, but I have two issues at present.
When I create a draft invoice in insightly, it shows me a drop down of my items from Xero. However when I select a product neither the description or the price come with it. I have to manually enter these items. Secondly, there seems no way to specify the number of items required, only one is shown. Thirdly I can only have one product per invoice. In other words i can only have one product line with one item with per draft invoice. This doesn't seem right, but I can't find any settings anywhere to change it.
Secondly none of the "contact persons" or "contacts" (depending which system you are in) are copied between the two systems. If I create a new company in either, none of the people make it across the link, and I have to enter them manually in both systems is that correct?

Devon Cidermaker  

I have been using Insightly for over a year and it's one of the best decision I made for my new practice. With three other employees its critical that everyone can access information in one place, yet at the same time, as the owner, I need to be able to keep some contacts and notes private from staff who do not need to see this information for confidentiality purposes.

The integration with Google for Work made it a no-brainer, I often reply and save emails right from Google and know they will be attached to the client or organization in Insightly. I love the new integration with Xero. It just works, allowing me to see any outstanding or overdue invoices or bills and giving me the "lifetime" and "12 month value" of the client.

I have also found the support to be very responsive.

Faith Terwilliger  

We recently converted to Insightly, and Xero integration was a big part of our decision. We're happy to see this capability incorporated in both service and are looking forward to seeing it expand over time.

Hans Schmid  

We've used Insightly for about 3 years now but since introducing Xero into the business we've been cooking on gas. The integration is excellent and makes it so easy for us to produce quotations and invoices.

Henry Tarling  

I have a small business and for what I need to be able to see at the click of a button, without going into Xero is fantastic! Sure saves a bit of time.

Tammy-Lee Holmes  

Absolutely love it. Xero integration was one of our key reasons for choosing insightly as our CRM and it has not disappointed.

Less switching between programs = greater productivity. The reporting is great too.


Thomas Mahon  

When my husband joined the company, I made his first task to sort out our CRM. He worked for a large company that provided CRM to big and small corporations and knew the drawbacks. He'd also spent a number of years working in could software and constantly preached the benefits. After a lot of research Inslightly seemed like the perfect choice for our small business and since logging in for the first time, we have not looked back.

As we had already been using Xero in the business for a while it was great to see the integration between the two. Being able to access invoices inside Insightly so quickly, has been a real time saver for us. Plus it's one less tab open in Chrome for me.

Very happy with Insightly and with the growth we have seen in our company in just the 6 months since we started using it. I know that Insightly has allowed me to future proof our business for the growth we are expecting.


Teresa Mitrovic  

I love it. I dont know how I survived without it in the past. Its so easy to work with and saves me so much of time. You guys rock!


Chantell Badenhorst  

I love these two applications and now that they are talking to each other, life has got a whole stack easier, productivity is up because I'm not longer inputting data into two separate system, the integration is elegant and does exactly what I need it to do.

Sasha Jovanovic  

We've been using Insightly for six months (as a replacement for Streak) and have been thoroughly impressed with it. The performance and reliability are excellent (as is the Android app) and the functionality it gives us is outstanding in my view. It really is a one-stop-shop and we manage everything with it from initial enquiry, to project process and detailed pipeline progress all the way to project completion and launch. The integration with Gmail for Business is perfect for us and allows us to easily send messages to clients and keep the threads updated in Insightly. Having a birds-eye-view of all our projects and opportunities and their current status is invaluable when it comes to managing time and keeping track of everything - I couldn't manage without it!

Dan Walsh  

great crm , insightly is great and the integration makes it more compelling

Ricardo Chedrauy  

Effortless integration and extremely easy to use. Makes managing jobs simple and time effective.

James Malcolm Green  

We're a startup and have found the integration really useful so far. Once we scale, it will be invaluable to allow viewing key financial data on clients within Insightly. The integration was the key reason we chose both Xero and Insightly.

Andrew Paterson  

Very helpful to be able to tie in Accounts with CRM.

Conal Fitzpatrick  

Seriously useful to be able to link my CRM with my Xero accounts.

Andrew Pearce  

Insightly has been a great addition to the business, easy to use and also to modify for custom fields and projects. Using with Xero and wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

Helen Taylor  

Recently integrate Xero with Insightly. It has been seamless. I love the fact that we can create draft invoice in insightly and contact is automatically created in Xero

sophia liauw  

enables us to have faster operation.
Won opportunity get registered instantly on Xero.

Aiko De Vore  

After testing a couple of different crms that integrate with xero, and for a small group of people (1-5), I think it is really helpful. A little bit easier to use than a couple of other crms, plus, I like that it integrates with Mail Chimp as well.

Elizabeth James  

I love it!

Rose Aguila  

Nice way to keep track of invoices and bills.

I would love to see the quotation functionality for specific opps added as well!

Elliott Thomson  

Really Very Good Integration! And free :) !
Everything working as 1-2-3!
It is non happened very often today, but Insightly and XERO are the best.
I can recommend it to everybody.

Alexander Novitskiy  

Love using Xero - So easy and user friendly!!
Now with the Insightly CRM -- Prefect Match --
Love using both - Would recommend to any business owner
Both are great products !!!

Andrew Martin  

We use Google Apps for all our clients and it's integration with Insightly was what originally attracted us to it. With Insightly now integrating with Xero things have got even better. The more integration between the systems we use helps make ours (and our clients) business more efficient.

Mick Barry  

The best thing about Insightly and Xero integration is the fact my sales and account management teams can now see a snapshot of billing data for any of their clients (overdue amounts, invoiced amounts, sales history etc) right from Insightly without me having to create them all logins to Xero (which, for me, is a big no-no).
This functionality alone has saved so much time answering questions from the account management team about the financial status of our customers - now they can see for themselves!

James Clay  

Being a small consulting company I didn't want the complexity and overhead of a large CRM system or complicated Bookkeeping system. I wanted a system that was available anywhere (and device) and the fact that Insightly and Xero integrate was the icing on the cake. We now have our bookkeeping, customers and sales pipeline integrated between two systems. We couldn't be happier. Further more on the occasions we needed to ask a question of either vendor we had a response and resolution within a couple of hours! Well Done!!!

Martin Kerr  

Our small business has been a satisifed Xero customer for many years and in June 2015 made the switch to Insightly. We are loving Insightly. We find it intuitive and powerful. We are also pleased with the support we receive. I would highly recommend Insightly.

Annie Reeves  

Great integration that helps us keep everything in one place. We've been using Xero for a while now and it has really helped us growing our business. Thanks Insightly for adding this :)

Alexei Kouleshov  

We recently started using Insightly with Xero and found that the integration. between the two was great

Stephan Jerman  

We have recently moved to Insightly and are loving the Xero integration - Very handy!

Emily House  

I had a look at a bunch of CRMs and Insightly was by far the best - and with the Xero integration, it is even better! Thanks!

Dan Taylor  

I'll admit I was bribed with the offer of free stuff to leave a review by insightly - however the bribe has had no impact of what I have to say. My opinion of insightly is that it is an incredible powerful system. It's easy to set up from the initial login, logical and incredibly customisable. We tested a variety of alternatives and although there were some aspects of that seemed better, unsightly was a much better overall package, balancing simplicity and depth. There are a few aspects I've not got set up perfectly yet to do with the reporting however insightly offer 2 X 30 minute support calls to help you set up the system and i feel if I did have any questions they'd be on hand to support me.
I've not got to grips with the integration with xero yet as it will be our account who'll run that aspect but if it is anything like the rest of the system I've no doubt this will be easy and seamless.
The only grumble is the cost per user, to fully integrate into our business we'd need 12 users and it starts to add up. And it would be helpful if the outlook integration would run with outlook 2011.

Nigel Harte  

Insightly transformed our business. Finding an awesome new and innovative accounting system that integrates with our favorite CRM was just fantastic. I am converting as many clients as I can to XERO. XERO sells itself!

Joe Dike  

Insightly and Xero makes intergration.
No more going to different software programs/departments to see how our business is going all available in one handy spot.

Ashley Thomas  

I'm loving using Insightly. In particular the integration with Xero is fantastic as this is a pre-requisite for any applications that we use. The integration with Outlook has also been really handy as a lot of work is still coming through to me directly. I haven't taken a look at the API yet but the fact there is one was a factor in deciding to go for Insightly.

Thanks for all the hard work producing such a great product!


Andrew Jackson  

I've been using the Insightly x Xero integration for my marketing company for about 3 months now and it's exactly the solution I was looking for. Being able to see the total spend of a client from within my CRM allows me to have a quick overview of where we stand financially.

Lawrence O'Connor  

Insightly is a great CRM. Very easy to use. I'm very happy with it's performance.

Matt Thomsen  

The Insightly/Xero integration works well and is a real time saver. Allows me to create a client in Xero right from Insightly, link Insightly to a Xero client and even view important information from Xero without having to open up Xero! Well done!

Sheryl Brake  

Insightly and xero are a great combo. It allows you to dispense with all those extra systems which are hard to maintain.

Andrew Smith  

Insightly has immensely helped my online profiling of my clients and helped keep me in sync with my ongoing amendments to my salespipe!

Andrew Bloch  

Started my business early 2015 and signed up with QB Online and Insightly CRM. About a month ago I learned about the integration with Xero and started a trial. I was impressed right off the bat. Easy to set up and customize, no need for re-entry of data when generating quotes. As a wholesaler I obviously purchase everything that I sell and the process is smooth and easy to track from prospecting to invoicing. Only item on my wishlist is a longer log-in time out.

Martin Clay  

Insightly is great. The database is a bit slow but this will hopefully improve with time. We are now able to run a paperless office for the first time.


Stewart Best  

We've been using Insightly for 6 months now and don't think we could ever go anywhere else. It's transformed how we manage our new business and with the integration with xero seamlessly combining the two we're streamlining our process and bringing everything together. Great product!

Richard Barwick  

Totally love the integration between Xero and Insightly, makes managing my business far easier, fully recommend to others

Richard Fellows  

As a smaller company, we need a flexible yet scalable CRM tool to use. We've been very happy to report that our customer database is thriving with insightly. We use Xero as our accounting software and with the new integration we have customer invoicing at the touch of our fingertips within insightly. A great way to report our finances and help customers with invoices.

Khashi Rahmani  

Early days.... I am really excited that my Xero account links with insightly (a new CRM for our business). Being a startup, I love the fact that i have everything at my finger tips. I can understand where my clients are at in the sales cycle, account management cycle and the final link the financial cycle..... As I said early days, but very excited about the possibilities. Cheers Bryan Goudsblom - UbiPark

bryan goudsblom  

The integration between xero and insightly has been great. I like that you can see all the financial info without having the leave insightly. and that you can copy the info from one to the other so there is no more wasted time doing it twice.

Lisa Carril  

The integration is great with insightly however I too hugely desire a Quote function to enable further integration and reduction of duplication work.
The ability to link an invoice is great and see what opportunity has created in terms of revenue but likewise as above, my business is complicated with multiple suppliers and materials meaning I have a lot of duplication of data.
Insightly please listen! Please help, i have 700 materials, 200 potential clients and 10 key suppliers to deal with whilst generating new business!

Stephen Hull  

Insightly is a great, simple, effective crm solution for any small business. Very useful, not too complicated!

Matthew Manning  

Excellent- we love Xero and insightly- and now we can love them together like a happy family

Being able to see client spend and lifecycle has really helped improve client retention

Simon Davey  

I've just starting using Xero. I'm slowly working on integrating it into our workplace.

Look forward to it!

Jas Randhawa  

Insightly keeps our office very organized. Such a great tool to have.

Laney Henslee  

insightly is the bomb.com. in all seriousness, greatly helped me expand business.

Robert Clarke  

I absolutely agree with Jaffer above. I NEED xero quotes badly. It does my sales people no good to have to leave unsightly and then log into to Xero to make out a quote and then they have no record in insightly that the quote is sent, when it expires, when they need to follow up etc, unless they put a manual entry into the system. The POINT of a CRM is to help my sales team close sales, not replicate paperwork in the system.

Christopher Rank  

We use Xero and Insightly extensively. We selected both as standalone systems. Both systems are extensively integrated in our Promotion, Sales and Financial and Accounting processes. The current level of integration between Xero and Insightly we fill is a good first version and is quite useful.

Very useful features - Contact sync and ability to generate and see the status of outstanding invoices.

However not having the capability to generate Xero quotes is direly missing.

During our sales process we generate a lot of customer quotes using Xero and the feature functions available within Xero for managing quotes is excellent and very useful during the sales process.

Since we extensively use Insightly for our managing sales opportunities, our sales staff have to "switch" systems to generate quotes and followup on quotes. We therefore, strongly feel that not having the capability to generate Xero quotes from Insightly greatly diminishes the value of the current level of Xero/Insightly integration.

I hope others will agree and support this post.

Jaffer Hussainee  

Integration with Xero is great, as it means we have financial details for all of our clients in one place, so its a really useful tool for forward planning as well as budget tracking.

Ngaire Phillips  

It's great to see my CRM talking to my accounting software. I think that both of these products are awesome and both companies have a similar attitude toward innovation and continuous improvement.

Very happy.

Warren R  

Insightly is a robust, yet affordable and simple CRM. This integration works really well and allows us to manage our invoices in indisghtly and pull address directly into Xero for payments which is handy.

Adam White  

From a Task worker perspective the interface is user friendly, whist the integration appears seamless. Saving the emails directly from Gmail make traceability more obvious. Having switched from a much larger CRM, the functionality is very similar. One of my favourite features is the conversion of Leads to Opportunities without a hiccup.

Luke Kennedy  

I switched from Quickbooks to Xero specifically because Quickbooks failed to integrate with
Insightly properly. I tried out Xero and it worked the first time and it pulled in everything correctly the first time. I'm soldnon both Insightly and now Xero. Bye Quickbooks.

Chris Stanley  

New to Insightly, and only really just starting to use Xero for that matter, but seems to be an excellent integration.

Daley Maasz  

It is super cool .Very easy to use.

Rojina Tamrakar  

I had been using Zapier to import contact information from Insightly to Xero, but I like that I get to choose when Insightly imports now with this direct integration. Not all Insightly contact need to be in Xero. Overall, this integration saves me at least 5 minutes a new customer.

Shelia Williams  

Insightly puts all your Xero info in the customer profile. The ability to see 12 month and lifetime values of clients is a really useful tool. Its really easy to use, which is great for a technophobe like me.

This is a top add-on for Xero!

Julian Hammond  

We switched to Insightly and Xero roughly a year ago and have enjoyed using both systems ever since. We'd been waiting for the integration between the two and it hasn't disappointed. Communication between sales, accounts and our project delivery teams has improved just by having information available in one place. There are a few tweaks that I have no doubt will be addressed in the next update, however, I wanted to share how great these products are. They are pleasant to use on a daily basis and the price points are very fair. Thanks to Insightly and Xero!

Gemma Disney  

Love it!

Antonin Rothacker  

We use Insightly and Xero for the same reasons - easy to setup, easy to use, easy to look at, and an excellent price point. The new integrations between the two products is great and there are a lot of additions planned which will make it even more useful.

Ian Ralph  

The long awaited Xero & Insightly integration !!!!! Certainly makes life easier for our cool little New Zealand based web development & Internet marketing company, www.GoRobot.co.nz. Xero is a great (New Zealand) product which we also used for our previous business. Now it talks to our favourite CMS .... even better.

jennifer bartholomew  

I'm loving using Insightly to manage my payroll business, as it allows me to keep all information together in one place and works really nicely with Google & Xero to easily link documents, emails & financial data to contacts. An awesome & easy to use system for a very reasonable cost!!

Mike Smith  

Gone are the bad old days of being forced to use monolithic Platforms that do everything, all be it badly. I know get to use modern best of bread business tools that talk to each other seamlessly. Xero is great at what it does and Insightly covers my CRM needs perfectly, and with google apps I've got it all covered for a fraction what I'd be paying traditionally with some of the old beasts. Never going back!

Bill Rafferty  

The Xero - Insightly integration is working really well. It is an effective tool for keeping track of important jobs & tasks within our business.

Catherine Cook  

We love Insightly down here "Nathan Burkett Design". it has helped us enormously with keeping track of task and priorities in our busy office!

Chris Ross  

Love Insightly. Xero own their own CRM/project management tool called WorkflowMax which I have used in the past. It's also a great product, but the reason I went with Insightly is that it fits much better with how I work with Google Apps and email. It's very easy to get your emails, docs etc into Insightly without having to log in to the interface. It's also great for defining relationships between different people and organisations. WFM was a bit too hierarchical in this respect. The two areas I would say Insightly could improve on are time tracking: There are integrations with Hubstaff and Timebase but I found these tools a bit unwieldy and the time doesn't get recorded in Insightly. Reporting was another area I didn't like but they've just made a release in beta to greatly improve it and it's now great.

Nick Guebhard  

Still early days, but after trying another more complex CRM that was not enjoyable we are all enjoying Insightly. Very intuitive/user-friendly. Or perhaps it is easier because we use gmail and google and it just works like those - simple and sensible - like Xero. I absolutely 'Love' Xero (because it is so easy you don't even have to 'learn' it), so the fact that Insightly integrates with Xero is a huge blessing.

Vivienne West  

Xero and Insightly - a marriage made in heaven for small business users. I have been a Xero user for 5 years and an Insightly user for a little over a year(having researched all the CRM options and decided Insightly was the most cost-effective for small business). I stumbled across the integration and boy am I pleased I did. It seems a very well thought out integration, leaving Xero to do all the things it does best, but capturing the financial summaries for client organisations within the CRM.

Jim Cooke  

The Insightly Xero integration works well. Only thing is you have to be logged into both. In terms of seamless visibility, great feature on customer payment invoices list.

Still exploring the other functions around en as IL capability. Xero quotes are great and my clients comment on usefulness, however no reporting on quotes (estimates) means having to also integrate with a quote provider. Would be nice if Xero sorted the quote/insightly integration also. People like the Xero quote function/format.

Nick Muller  

So far so good! I'm only a couple months in with the xero- insightly integration and it's been great having the dollar value of each account/client in my CRM. And having to only input new lead/contact information in Insightly and those same info are copied to xero with a click of a button. Needless to say I have been very pleased with the integration.

Wil Corregidor  

The Xero - Insightly integration is excellent. Being able to view CRM information along with $$ Sales ... in one app vs having to go to multiple apps ... is a big time-saver and keeps a focus on the overall client value. Keep up the good work!!!

Dennis Hackemeyer  

Was waiting for this integration. Seems to work well so far.

Sean Hannah  

I use Insightly for all my task & CRM needs around a chaotic small marketing company and Xero for invoicing and billing. I love the integration with projects & contacts! It's really helped as I've on-boarded an ops person to manage the general business processes. She's been able to log in to Insightly and quickly get up to speed on what's going on, when, and where. Great across the board but I'd like to see more integration around the contacts.

Jay Thornton  

I have been using both Insightly and Xero seperately for some time now, I was almost considering a change but then they finally linked together and it's great. Still need to get everything linked fully but looks good.

Richard Smith  

I've been using Insightly for about 3/4 years now and to be fair its pretty much invaluable to me:-) The old paper system we had was so unreliable!

Dave O'Brien  

I recently started to integrate Xero with my Insightly and I am pleasantly surprised. It is very easy to sync all of the accounts and to go straight to Xero from Insightly or to generate the invoice straight from Insightly. I would recommend this to anyone! Keep up the good work team!

Louis Oosthuizen  

I've used a substantial number of CRM's over time and Insightly is by far my favourite. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I am less experienced with accounting systems but have found Xero to be very easy to use and cannot think of a single issue I have with it. The recent integration between the two has, for me, been flawless and extremely useful. If you are looking for an accounting system and use Insightly already go for Xero and if you use Xero already and are looking for a new CRM go for Insightly.

Andrew Long  

Hands down, my favorite feature of Insightly-Xero integration is being able to generate an invoice from a close-won opportunity!

Will Gabriel  

While I am still new to Insightly AND Xero, I love the layout and the intuitive GUI is great. There seems to be some common sense thought put into creating both systems and integrating them. Good job!!

Brandon West  

We are big fans of both Insightly and Xero. When we found out that there were plans to integrate the two we jumped right in. We were not disappointed. All the accounting information that we need about an organisation can be seen clearly in Insightly. It helps us to recognise with real figures who are big clients or who owe us money before we make contact with them.

I also like that fact that you can transfer data between the two so that you don't have to do duplicate data entry.

David Zeidman  

Excellent dashboard & easy to read/navigate. Integration with Xero is only going to make it more useful. Only issue I have found so far is that there can be a delay in sending emails to my Insightly address, but nothing that causes a major issue.
Overall a very intuitive, easy to use CRM platform,

Jamie Boyle  

Very much a fan of this product - integration is superb very much looking forward to working together with this.

Hopefully with Xero, it will develop live stock movements. Other than that both products are great!

Oliver Lincoln  

The merger of Insightly and Xero was quite useful for our company as one team can clearly understand the financial standing of any given client at a glance. This has helped us streamline not only our internal production processes, but also boosted our client relationships.

Miguel Walker  

Insightly was already a great tool to keep all of our communication with our clients and vendors in one place. The integration with Xero makes it even better!!
I love having all the the important information in one place. Now I don't have to flip over to Xero to find out the status of outstanding payments when reaching out to a client. I can also immediately see the size and importance of the client when they reach out to us.

gunther van dender  

Easy seamless integration as others have noted. Very full featured even at the free level. Xero and Mailchimp integration go a long way for me.

Scott McReynolds, CPA  

Love the seamless connection between Insightly and Xero, Great job to everyone involved. These innovations make it possible for other innovators to focus on what they are good at.

Great job everyone

Leeanne McKell  

The integration has helped us a lot, especially with the use of the improved mobile app which allows us to attend client meetings with their account information available at the press of button

John Bishop  

Love the single customer view with the insightly & Xero integration. Makes for more of a dashboard approach.

Ian Cooper  

Just getting started on both platforms for my start-up, Winsightz.com It's been very easy for me to connect and share information across both platforms so far. Thanks for your help on this and keep up the great support.

Winston Faircloth  

We have been using Insight.ly for 3+ years. Very similar to Goldmine except with an API and Cloud based. We are very happy to see it works with Xero, Mail Chimp, Google Apps and Harvest.

They keep adding relevent new features that just keep making it better and better.

Peter Starkel, Brandchamp.com

Peter Starkel  

Works better than I expected and was easy to use. I integrate a lot of systems and they never do all of what I need but in this case it just worked.

Garth Haseldine  

Insightly is easy to use CRM which can be synced to Google Mail Contacts and Calendar. The integration between Xero and Insightly is a great time saver. It saves me opening up Xero just to see what's happening with a customer's account. Plus I can copy customer details to/from Insightly/Xero with a click of the button. My only issue is not being able to make projects repeat, and tasks within activity sets repeat.

Paul Colman  

We've been using Xero and Insightly separately for some years now and our salesmen are delighted to see this integration as it greatly cuts down on admin time! Thanks

Brian Kelly  

Very good Xero Integration, nice view by customer into all Xero sales detail.

Juozas narusis  

Great CRM, simple and easy to use. Additional integrations launched in the last couple of months with Xero are really good for sales staff and additional users.

Waypoint Client Support  

We love the Insightly it is our go to CRM we have gone back to it after leaving. Our only issue is the constant reconnect between xero and insightly.

Clive Enever  

Insightly is a good basic CRM with excellent integration into Google.
The integration with Xero is great, love the life time value, last 12th value. Xero - shouldn't you have this?
The reconnect to Xero each time is a pain - but manageable.
For both Insighty and Xero - you need to focus on more flexible reporting - that's why I am giving a 4 not a 5 (btw look and feel in Insightly is a little old fashioned/clunky - not pretty. But that does not affect value of the product)

Gillian Clark  

Xero integration with Insightly is incredibly valuable for helping support and sales staff understand the true $ activity with a client. The Lifetime and 12 month value snapshots really bring clarity to the activity levels of different clients.
Great job.

Sam Garden  

Love Insightly and Xero makes it even better. No more going to three different software programs to run our business. Thank you.

Roger Yant  

Excellent CRM, does the basics very well.
Very good Xero Integration, nice view by customer into all Xero sales detail.


Rory Birkbeck  

I'm glad to hear others have got it. Makes me want to persevere but so far very downhearted. Xero has been our world for 9 months and has been great, but struggling with the merging of contacts with Insightly. Because in Xero you have to create a contact for every different person within an organisation who orders, we often have 8-10 contacts per organisation. When you try to merge these with Insightly you only have the option of merging 1 contact not all of them. I've been at it for over a week now trialling and I suspect I'm not techie enough. If anyone has an insights into how to do this in Insightly, I'd be very grateful. Or if you could suggest a CRM which is low cost and integrates better with Xero, that would also be great. On the positive side, the tasks look great and the integration with Google Apps is lovely.

Melanie Atkin  

Insightly is great because it has a gadget that links to Google and the Dashboard isnt complicated. Of all the apps in this area I've tried, it has the least problems to get up and running and its versatility is good. I'm giving it a 4 having tried a few others mainly because of its Google email gadget. Swift transfer of all emails to a job or Opportunity, no mucking around.

Dianne Jewell  

We recently moved from a much larger CRM/Project Management platform to Insightly. Honestly, the timing was great, because we just switched over to the Xero accounting platform as well and almost instantly Insightly rolled out their Xero integration. So, while this is a brand new rollout, let me make the following comments:

1. One slight hick-up with me is the reconnect, but admittedly, it's been after quite a few hours of absence. To be honest, that's the only "negative" thing you'll hear from me so far.
2. Awesome layout! Clean, user-friendly, everything right there for a quick summary. I tried dropping in a screen shot, but no go, so here's a detail:
a. Overdue Invoices
b. Overdue Bills
c. Outstanding Invoices
d. Outstanding Bills
e. Lifetime Value (this is really an awesome category)
f. 12 Month Value
g. Full contact detail, phone, address (billing and mailing), etc.
h. The summary table at the bottom includes all lifetime history, such as:
- Invoice/Bill date/type/Reff #/Due Date/Days Overdue/Currency/Total/Paid/Due/Status
3. Your Action Dropdown Menu allows you to create a draft invoice, drive contact details from Insightly to Xero and vice versa.
4. The Show Button allows you to view:
a. All Bill/All Invoices/Overdue Invoices and Overdue Bills/Invoices or Bills for the last 30 days, etc.
5. I like how you can actually search for an invoice or bill (from Insightly IN Xero) and link it to the account. This is really helpful between me and the acct dept.

Overall, LOVE the integration. Are there a few minor things that can be improved, of course. I should say that, a) I don't work for Insightly, b) I don't work for Xero, and c) I haven't been promised anything for this review. I'm just loving the Insightly experience so far and don't mind sharing.


Jerry Messick  

Cool Integration. Love it!

Raj Men