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Job Numbers in Xero

Started by Liz Peter -   in Using Xero

I like many others, have transferred from MYOB to Xero and have enjoyed the use of job numbers. I can see from the discussions that Xero don't do job numbers, but I'm now really confused having read several discussions, as to how to manage this downfall in Xero.

Discussions as far back as 2012 talk about job management add-ons, tracking, Billable Expenses, oncharging costs, new releases in Feb 2015 and new releases in June 2015.

I don't want to be using a third party software, or spreadsheets. I want my accounting software to manage all of my costs in one place.

The question is how do I assign costs to a job? And is Xero taking community requests for this function seriously?


We have a similar requirement. To resolve we have used the tracking functionality (under settings) in Xero to create "Project" codes or in your case job numbers. You can use up to 2 tracking codes.
When posting transactions, whether these are supplier invoices, customer invoices, journals or bank transactions, you can then enter the job number from a drop down list.
We have only set up project codes, if we had thought about it a it a bit before hand we would have also added a description.
The downside of this is that you cannot make the completion of project codes compulsory, however we have now got to the point where anyone entering a transaction includes a project code. The instances where no project code is added are very few and far between.


Neil Phillips

Neil Phillips  

Thanks Neil

This is probably the most simplest suggestion I've read so far. And two job numbers will do me for now.

Thanks and kind regards


Liz Peter  

Hi Liz

Good to hear.
You can also run P&L reports for individual projects or job numbers. Under Reports>P&L reports, if you select the 2nd tab, you can select the job number you want to run the report for.



Neil Phillips  

Thanks for the suggestions Neil. Tracking is definitely an option for those with small job costing requirements, it's just worth noting that if you add heaps and heaps, performance can be affected.

@Liz, we do take these requests seriously and see every post everyday! In the case of job costing as you've seen, it's something we want to do - it just hasn't been prioritised just yet. Make sure you add your vote here and subscribe to email updates to keep up to date on any developments :)

Matt Oldfield (Community Manager)  

No issue I have had with Xero is a priority for them to fix... I wonder what XERO thinks should be a priority???? Tracking is not a good option as the amount of tracking numbers you can have is limited.. it does not resolve the issue, only delays it temporarily, until you reach your limit... now we have been advised the only option is to have an add on and have to pay $120 - $200 extra per month!!!!! I'm surprised Xero Community exists as 90% of comments on here are negative. Liz beware there is a limit of numbers that you can use in the tracking category.. it won't take long before you run out and are unable to add anymore jobs

Cassie Cameron  

Would this problem be solved with Workflow Max? We are going to add WFM to Xero and need to be able to allocate job numbers to invoices, purchases etc.

Bianca McAuliffe  

Am I correct that since 2015 when this discussions started Xero still do not have job numbers or in this case Project numbers (more than 2 of available)?????

Marina Johnston  

Hi Marina
Xero allows up to 2 different user configurable tracking categories. In our case we use Project numbers and Activity Month.
Within those categories, you can add as many items as you require, we have approx. 200 projects live at the moment. However Xero do have a recommended upper limit.
If you are going to use these and have high number of them, I would recommend that you archive old job numbers on a regular basis so that it is kept tidy (archiving doesn't remove the job number from old transactions, just stops it's use for new transactions).

I hope this helps


Neil Phillips  

Thanks Neil that helps ALOT - I can make this work now!

Thanks for the response

Marina Johnston  

Hi Neil,
Are you sure that there is no limit on the number of categories that can be added within a category. My file is telling me differently. This will be crucial in our decision whether or not to replace our MYOB

Susan Theron  

Hi Karen
We use 2 tracking categories. The Project tracking category currently has 276 live projects and we have archived 483 since we started using Xero. The biggest issue I have is managing the number of live projects and I actively archive projects as they are completed to keep the numbers down.
If there is an upper limit, we don't seem to have reached it.


Neil Phillips  

@Neil, thanks for the tip!
Using your system, in addition to job profitability tracking, are you also able to:
Track budget to actual performance by job number?
Cheers. denver

denver tower