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UK Payroll - P11D

Started by Stephen Law in Payroll Feature Requests | Done!

Please can we get support for regarding UK P11D details and reporting.
Official Xero Reply
Back with another update on reporting your payrolling of benefits, in Xero - Just hitting September 2019, it's exciting to share that the team have just delivered the ability to setup and payroll company car and van benefits! - See our article in Xero Central to see how you can set up benefits, today :)

With the majority benefits now available to report directly through payroll in Xero, we're going to complete this request and return each of your votes, to use where you next see greatest value - Appreciating there are still a couple of benefits that aren't yet possible to report directly through RTI's with Xero, I do want to assure everyone here that we intend to develop more around this, in line with HMRC. Thanks!

Kelly M (Community Manager)