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Navigation - Speed up process to view recent Invoices/Bills

Started by Leanne Fromont in Feature Requests | Done!

Would like a less lengthy clicking process to see an individual contacts bill list. At the moment its

All Contacts
Search Name
Select contact from search results
View Recent Bills
Finally see list of bills for this contact

There must be a more efficient way to do this, cause if you want to then search another one you practically have to start over. This is for random searching contacts not specific criteria.

Unless there's a better way than I'm doing it.
Try this instead to see if any better:
- From the dashboard in the Bills you need to pay area, click on the "12 awaiting payment" (12 being replaced by the number that you have outstanding - works for customers too)
- Click on Search
- Enter contact name

This gives you a list of the outstanding bills for the supplier.

You can also use the "new reports" area to get Payable/Receivable Invoice Details etc

Hope that helps

Tracy Mawson

Hi Tracey thanks for that but the bills I am wanting to see are all the bills for the contact not just the ones waiting to be paid, the view recent bills option gives you this but is a lot of step to get there, but Id like to see by contact all bills regardless of state for any given contact.

Leanne Fromont

And the new report - payables summary gives all the invoices, but no way to filter by contact (you can sort by contact).

Oh well - good luck on your request - I am out of votes at the moment.

Tracy Mawson

Okay thanks for your help I think the closest useful one is the "Find & Recode" but a report for contacts that is basically like a statement selected by contact and date range would be perfect.

Leanne Fromont

Hi - good news! We'll be releasing exactly what you're after soon. We are building an improved search function that will let you find contacts and invoice/bills (and any other type of transaction) wherever you are in Xero.

Still a few details to finalise, but the plan is to release this progressively over the next month or so. We'll update this thread when we start the roll-out.

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)

New Xero Search is here! You can now type in the contact you want to search for, and a list of their relevant transactions will be displayed, filter by Bills and you’ll get a more relevant search :)

Brittany H (Community Manager)