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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Invoicing + Jobs

4.9 out of 5 stars
Based on 29 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Katana, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Katana

Manufacturing software for managing everything from raw materials, to production, to finished goods. Integrates with eCommerce sales channels. For more information, check out Katana.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Katana, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Katana support centre or email support@katanamrp.com.

I have just started with Katana and I can see already this will totally change how business works for me and keeping on top of our stock levels and manufacturing deadlines. Integration with Shopify and Xero is simple. Highly recommend Katana for ease of use.

Scott Cooper  

I only run a small business, but inventory management has been a pain in the backside for me. However just days after setting things up with Katana, I think life is going to be so different. I just have to put the work in to get it all setup the way I want it!

Elton Wright  

I hemmed and hawed about MRP and massive, expensive ERP solutions, but kept getting drawn back the elegance of Katana's interface. I took the plunge, the bigger issue was XERO migration, but together they have been flawless. I am a HUGE fan, it's saved my office at least 6 man hours a day, and that's before I finish the woocommerce side. I can't say enough about how great it has been, and the team is very responsive to issues and inputs. They continue to develop the software, but even if they stopped now I'm very satisfied!

Sam Steinberg  

We are manufacturing made to order and handmade lights for our clients all over the world and are only at the beginning of our journey but are loving the idea of how easily both platforms are synching and will save us a lot of time and mistakes in the future.

Katana is only at its beginnings but we definitely feel it will grow with us and unlock countless more features over time. Customer service is amazing and I always get a timely response to my questions. We are based in Australia so there is a little bit of time difference. I do not expect the team to be online 24/7 at this stage.

Shaun Dudley  

Katana has been a perfect match for my MTO manufacturing business, making it easy to manage orders, inventory and raw stock in one place rather than across multiple spreadsheets and programs. It has completely streamlined stock management and reordering.

The integration with Xero is also a massive productivity boon as all orders and bills are instantly mirrored in Xero making invoicing and reconciliation a breeze.

The Katana team are also very helpful, some of the best online support that I've used.

I have no hesitation in recommending Katana at all.

Mick Percy  

Katana has been a game changer for my business. We now have a much greater handle on our inventory and manufacturing process than ever. We used to rely on spreadsheets for everything and now all that info is housed in Katana saving my time and money.

The Xero integration is a tremendous help as I can now use Xero to invoice orders that I didn't want to process though my Shopify site.

David Austin  

Xero/Katana are a good match for an easy integration. Would recommend for manufacturers. Katana support is also very good

Peter Buck  

Just the app I needed for my small business to mange the complexities of inventory and materials management. It is a no brainer for anyone looking to manage their direct to consumer manufacturing and will be my key managing fast growth. The sync between Xero, Shopify and Katana is exactly what I was after. Great support from the team too!

Matthew Fyfe  

Fairly new to Katana but so far its great and will be even better when batch tracking arrives! Great integration with Shopify and Xero and the ability to track everything in one place from sales to invoices to production.

Work easily with creating customers and invoices through to xero.

Joel Siwak  

KatanaMRP has really helped me know what to order, and when to order it, as well as plan what comes next in manufacturing. It even lets me add time to tasks in production so I can monetarily make sure employees are being efficient enough for my company to remain profitable.

Definitely recommend. I wish I would have found them sooner. It has taken a lot of decision making responsibility off of my plate.

Joshua Paulson  

I reviewed lot of inventory software and this was a standout, I have contacted the team a number of times now and they have been very responsive and helpful, they are constantly improving the software and I am excited about some of the features that are going to be released shortly, if its not the best inventory software in its price bracket I’m confident it will be.

Carl Harris  

Love the integration with xero. Makes invoicing really easy!!!
Thank you.

Esme Cronje  

It was easy to integrate katana and xero. It would be good to have skus mapping to various income and cost accounts rather than to just one account. Look forward to that in the near future. Best thing about Katana is how wonderful and responsive their customer service is.

RAW Accounts  

I recently integrated Xero and Katana. The integration process was easy peasy!

Kelsey Kruse  

Overall we are happy with Katana . The staff have been quick to respond to our questions.

Here are a few points that are related to Xero integration they can improve:

1) Xero does a good job for managing multiple currencies. It would be nice to have the same in Katana. At this time Katana only operates in a single currency. This forces us to disable the integration with Xero. Katana should follow the same method Xero uses to manage purchases and sales in difference currencies, it works!

2) Apply purchase orders made in Xero to Katana.


Amir Far  

We are thrilled with Katana. It is perfect for our manufacturing business, and integrates so well and easily with Xero. Easy to set up, easy to use and great support. Very happy and thoroughly recommend

Vicki Bailey  

I have been looking for a manufacturing software for a long time and popping up everywhere using demos to figure out its efficiency level, but leaving it quickly after discovering bugs,errors,malfunctioning,features missing, and other problems.

few days ago, i have signed up for Xero and shop around the apps marketplace looking for a manufacturing app to integrate with Xero. i signed up with Katana hopefully it would be my final destination for manufacturing after a very long journey .

To be honest, it was exceptional experience with Katana that I strongly recommend to give it a shot.


Our business took the leap to migrate form an all inclusive perpetual license software that has been used since 2011 to cloud based specialized business Software solutions in 2019. We started with Xero as a base and slowly introduced new cloud solutions for the different business needs.
As we do manufacturing this was a big,"What must we choose to reduce time spent in stock management and increase our effectiveness?"

We decided on Katana because of the following reasons:

1. A real time solution was critical
2.It had to be easy to understand as we have different levels of education staff
3. Fast support without having to call someone, but if you needed to, it was possible. This was seen from users reviews
4. We are a small team and a small business. Katana's price was competitive and suited our budget

The integration was super easy to setup.
It is great to toggle between the two platforms to follow a delivery / manufactured item throughout the enter manufacturing and sales process.
We are a ISO9001:2015 accredited company and it was super important to us to be able to follow a component from where it becomes a business need (customer wants to buy a product) until it is manufactured, sold and paid for by the customer without getting bogged down in paper work.

The PO's are not yet populated in Xero and that is still a duplication of work, but Katana is working very hard and I won't be surprised to see this also completed in a short while.

Thank you Katana and Xero for making my work more pleasurable!

Cecilia Van der Merwe  

Katana has been fantastic getting our manufacturing processes refined and stock control in place. We save more money per month in productivity than the cost of the software.

Curtis Hague  

Katana has been an effective integration for streamlining our business processes from purchase orders to manufacturing and inventory with Xero.

Israel Sanchez  

The best feature is the ability to build items to order instead of having to build them to stock first. This was exactly what we were looking for. The way the software automatically updates stock depending on how you prioritise jobs is also really good

Daniel James  

I implemented Katana for a new client. We moved from having standalone systems to a fully integrated system which has streamlined all our processes and maximised our efficiencies across the business. Orders coming through from Shopify automatically flow into Katana. Inventory items are built (we make our own products), sales are recorded and stock levels are managed within the system. Katana then pushes sales invoices through to Xero so that we can invoice our customers and manage Accounts Receivable. I would highly recommend this software.

Marie Turner  

I run a manufacturing business which makes natural supplements for animals. We are small in staff numbers, but we have big ambition in terms of export. We export currently to 9 countries worldwide. This combination of tiny staff numbers and lots of export orders was a logistical nightmare. Until we discovered Katana. We have been using Katana for a few months now and it has hugely improved our organisational skills. Thanks, Katana!

Beryl Shuttleworth  

Katana has been a game changer for us. We're now accurately accounting for our time, and are so much more efficient in our manfacturing as well. All of this means we can ensure we are more profitable and less headaches all round! winner winner chicken dinner.

Chris Clarihew  

I discovered Katana last year after a long time searching for a platform to help with our in-house manufacturing. Katana has been a life saver in terms of keeping track of stock with raw materials and finished products. I would definitely recommend!

Farryn Watts  

It's been great to clearly communicate with our facotry what needs to be made and when it's going out and the integration between Xero and Katana means less double handling of invoices and information. Both are great clear apps to use!

Kimberley Stark  

Stumbled across Katana last year and couldn’t be happier with how it’s improved our workflow with its xero integration

Robert McIlwraith-James  

My business makes products in-house, and Katana has been a life saver! It is the only software that supports made-to-order and make-to-stock processes as well as our inventory. It integrates beautifully with Shopify, and I'm so excited about the new Xero integration.

I would highly recommend Katana to any business that makes or assembles products in house. It is great for improving workflow, efficiency and managing inventory.

Cindy Liberman  

I have been responsible for setting up and implementing Katana within our company Enibas and have to say that I am delighted so far. The whole system is so user friendly which really makes a different.

The fact that it integrates with Xero is a huge plus and really helps to streamline everything. If you are looking for an MRP system and also using Xero then I would highly recommend this software.

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