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WorkflowMax App: Search - Ability to Select Costs

Started by Elijah Taylor in Feature Requests | Idea

The WorkflowMax app (Android and iOS) should be updated so that when using the app you should be able to select existing saved costs. Under the 'Add Cost' section of the app you should simply be able to navigate to a drop down list to find a specific product (cost) or also be able to find and select the specific saved cost your after by typing in the part number/product code or description of the product (cost) in the 'Description' section and then simply select the product that would then appear/load based on what you have typed in/searched for.

This functionality/feature mentioned above works perfectly on the desktop version of WorkflowMax just not on the app.

Currently due to the fact that this feature doesn't exist on the app, our guys when on a job have to manually type in the costs (as a reminder of what products they used on the job for later proper cost entering on the desktop version of WorkflowMax) they have used for the specific job in the 'Notes' area of the 'Add time' section of the app. Then once they return to our workshop they need to login to the desktop version of WorkflowMax on there PC's so they can then select the actual costs for the job (ready for invoicing purposes) by searching and selecting each cost by typing in either the part number/product code or description of the product and then selecting it once it loads based on what they have typed in/searched for.

This desktop version feature of WorkflowMax should be simple to add to the app and there must be plenty of others that require this feature, please do us all a favour and make this happen :)
Merged: WorkflowMax App - Select saved Costs

Our employees use the WorkflowMax app on there smartphones to log there time onsite (starting and stopping the timer) which works well. Once they have stopped the timer on the app they ideally need to enter the job costs for the specific job at the same time in there app, however all of our saved costs that are in WorkflowMax desktop PC version don't show up in the app, please update the app so that saved costs are selectable from the app.

Elijah Taylor