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Search - Multiple Name formats

Started by Michael Slater in Feature Requests | Idea

My request is an expasion of Xero's search capabilities to search in the following format:

- First Last
- Last First (no comma)

If I want to find myself in Xero - I'd start typing "Michael Slater" into the search bar. I can't simply search for "Michael" since there is many Michaels and returns many results. It would be quicker for me to finish typing the last name "Michael Slater" however this renders no results. The only time a result is given is if I was to search "Slater, Michael". This seems unnattural to me. When I send an email, I begin typing "Michael Sla" into the "to" bar and it will suggest "Michael Slater". Same with if I was to search in Facebook or many other apps. I don't understand why I would need to search "Slater, Michael".
Does searching by Surname e.g 'Slater' rather than the full name like you've mentioned above render the result you're after here, Michael?
Not trying to deter from your idea, though to be upfront we don't have any plans for changing the name convention for search of a contact name any time in the near future, though it'd be great if there's a way to still ease things here.

Kelly M (Community Manager)

Hi Kelly, thanks for your reply. At the moment searching for surname e.g 'slater' does still work, however that seems unnatural - as when I think of people, I think of their first name then last name. And as stated above, typing their full name does not work unless there is a comma in the middle and its "Last, First".

That's all good I have made do with how the current system works, I just felt that if it made my searching slower - it might also make others slower too and hence hinder productivity.

Michael Slater

Thanks for the understanding, Michael - Definitely worth us getting a gauge of interest, and we'll keep an eye on the conversation here.

I'll be sure to share if there is any word of development in this way, just wanted to give an idea of the current position. 🙂

Kelly M (Community Manager)