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Xero HQ: Ask -Full Deployment across Xero features and functions

Started by Yong Shun Han in Feature Requests | Idea

Thoughts on full deployment of Xero Ask across all Xero features and functions

I feel that Xero Ask could be the key to reduce email correspondences and greatly improve the communication between accountant and client in relation to accounts matters.

To further support the above, I would urge Xero to include "Xero Ask" as part of their development plan for 2020.

Xero Ask should be able to be access at all different features across Xero platform That will enable a draft questions to be created and parked under a draft query.


If i have a question to clarify for 1 of the bank transactions line, I can click "Xero Ask" > perhaps a drop down menu (available to Xero advisor only) and note down my question;

Further to the question, I should be able to select the query to park the question to.

Of which, if Xero can have a link to that specific transactions or page, that would reduce the amount of time the person have to look for the page.

How the process can be:

1. Any Xero function that have a question
2. Raise a question at that function by selecting "Xero Ask"
3. Tag the question to a specific draft query or create new
4. Have a link auto created to the Xero page of which the question arises
5. Review the questions in the draft or new query
6. Send to the client or relevant personnel

Additional improvement that can be done: be able to carbon copy personnel in the query. Carbon copy personnel do not need to answer the questions but be kept in the loop.

Bank transactions and accounts transactions at bank accounts should be able to use Xero Ask