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Reconciliation: Transfers - Add tracking during reconciliation

Started by Erik Chomko in Feature Requests | Idea

I would like to be able to assign a business category to transfers made between bank accounts.

Currently, when I review my balance sheet for my e-commerce business, my bank account and credit card balances are screwed up because the balance sheet is not pulling in the transfers I made to pay off my credit card.
Hi Erik, though not directly within the Reconciliation screen, you could create a Transfer in the bank account which you can assign tracking too - Take a peek in our help here 🙂
Alternatively, if you find the reconcile screen most beneficial, you could use Find & Recode to bulk allocate to the correct Tracking option at a later time - However, I'd highly suggest having a play with the tool in the demo co. before trying in your own, so you can get familiar in the way it works.

Kelly M (Community Manager)

Hey Kelly,

It looks like creating a Transfer from scratch will create a duplicate entry if the transfer is already showing up in the Reconciliation screen. Is there any way to avoid this?

Also, it doesn't seem to be possible to filter for Bank Transfers in the Find & Recode tool.

Am I missing something?

Thank you,

Erik Chomko

Aah gosh I've got ahead of myself there, you're right Erik - Transfers aren't currently supported in Find & Recode, we have a discussion of this here.

Rather than using the Transfer tab within the Reconciliation screen you'd create the Transfer in the bank account, and could then use Find & Match from the reconciliation screen to match the payment if not already suggested. 🙂

Kelly M (Community Manager)

Oh, I see! How do you create a Transfer in the bank account?

Erik Chomko