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Yodlee feed each feed is designed to tie a user to multiple login

Started by Toral Chokshi -   in Using Xero

Please advise, what is the reason for below feature of Xero ?

If they don't share the same login details, a Xero user can only use one set of credentials (per bank) in a Xero organisation. In order to connect the bank feed we recommend that you ask another Xero user to login and activate the feed for the second account, as they'll be prompted to enter the alternative bank login credentials.

So if we have 10 credit cards for different employees working at different places, how are we suppose to connect them all to Xero? Why as company's accountant one person cannot link those all credit card to Xero ?

Please explain logic behind this ?

Many thanks,



Thanks for getting back to us.

With Yodlee feed each feed is designed to tie a user to a login, this is to ensure if you have multiple accounts on one online login profile you can activate feeds for have account under the same online banking credentials without having to log in separately each time.

What this means is once an a feed is activated under a specific user they won't be able to activate alternative banking feeds under the same bank, they'll need another user to do this.

thanks for your feedback regarding this.

I've included a link below to our Business Community where you could start a new feature request. Creating a new request means other users can add their vote to support your idea.

If there's any progress, our community managers will share this on the request.

Xero Business Community: Start a new feature request

Kind regards
Hi Toral! I've passed your follow up questions along to our Support team - they'll be back in touch soon, so keep an eye on your My Cases screen 😊

This space is for requesting new features in Xero, which is why the team directed you to our forum to add a request if you'd like. However, seeing you're after further clarification on how this works, it's best discussed on a 1-to-1 basis with our Specialists.

Lauren C (Community Manager)