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Email Templates - Select font for outgoing emails

Started by Tom Skailes in Feature Requests | Idea

I like the email feature for invoices etc but the email text format they get sent out in is pretty ugly and looks very old-fashioned - it would be great to be able to select a default font for emails in the email settings, so we could select something more recipient-friendly such as arial or calibri. Or, even better, permit variable text formatting in the email template so things like email footers etc can look their best.

I totally agree with Tom. It would be great to have the ability to select fonts and insert image signatures to customise our Email Templates, but for a quick fix in the meantime, can we please have the current 'ugly and old' font updated to calibri or arial ASAP!

Jon Rutledge

Hi - I agree - image is everything - It would help if this was looked at as soon as.


Tony Bowler

Totally agree with everything said above. Everything about Xero is really slick and polished, but the lack of formatting functionality for outgoing emails is pretty poor. Would be great to get this looked at sooner rather than later.

David Ayre

Ability to use our own custom brand fonts in our pdf documents in Workflow Max and Zero

We really like the ability to customise our client facing templates but we are rather dismayed that we cannot choose our own custom brand fonts for our communications to clients.

You have written extensively in your blogs about the importance of branding, but your own product doesn’t allow us to brand our estimates, invoices etc as we would consider standard practice for any branding project.

It is rather ingenuous to say that you can customise and ‘use any font you want’ but then actually qualify it by saying as long as it is from a very restricted set of about 5 Microsoft Windows fonts. It’s a bit like saying you can have any flavour you want as long as it’s vanilla.

As a design agency you can understand our frustration! Having said that we love the simplicity of the software. Adding the ability to upload our own custom brand font is, we consider essential.

Felix Lozano

Hi team, do you mind if I merge here? That way we can keep you better informed, and merge the votes!

Brittany H (Community Manager)

I thought I was going crazy not being able to change the font of payslips that I email to staff. I looked everywhere to change the "times new roman" YES PLEASE change this Xero that would be awesome.

Catherine Sweeney

Yes PLEASE, being able to change the font is such a simple yet important feature we need. Being able to have unity across all email communication being sent out from our company is paramount and at the moment the Xero email are not in line with our company branding.

Robyn Hodson

It's almost been 2 years since this post went up... I guess Xero must take our comments very seriously!!!!!!!! Such a bad way to finish such a simple professional piece of software.

Theo Lyons

Hiya Theo, we certainly take all comments seriously, but we're not in a position to be able to develop every request all at once :)

If anything changes, and we're able to add this in we'll let you know.

Brittany H (Community Manager)

This is from a recent support ticket to Xero

Is there a setting or a way we can send out all our emails using another font other than the horrible Time Roman Numeral font?

Also, while I am here. I also receive invoices from a company in the US who use Intuit's QuickBooks and I must say their online invoices generated by email are far more professional looking and clever. I have attached a copy of one of their recent emailed invoices. The top section is the what the email looks like, and then when you click on the View Invoice button you get the the online version which allows you to not only view the invoice, but it also allows you to view the previous history and shows you the last balance etc too (see attached). When you pay online it also creates a watermark saying PAID across the online invoice and you can then also download a copy of this for your records.

I'm sorry, but they are leaps and bounds ahead of Xero in this field. Please pass this onto the developers as I would much rather be sending my clients these kind of emails as opposed to the 'bland' Xero ones


Jack Gray

Totally agree with these comments, the emails look really old fashioned. Just a quick font update would change the image. Surely a quick fix by Xero to do this, please?

Annette Mouat

I also agree. The emails are very ugly and you are not able to put your own personal stamp on it at all. The emails are so ugly, that we are considering whether we dont use this feature. Would add alot more time to tasks, but the emails would look professional. As this request is already two years in the making, and no word as to it being changed, I guess the wait will go one....very disappointing.

Kim Mandla

I think using an excuse of not being able to deal with all requests at once is an extremely poor excuse... we all run businesses here so know how important making final tweaks are to show we're professional. Then to receive a budget looking generic robotic font from the 1990s completely ruins all of our hard work.

If you can't deal with a request as simple as this then you don't give much confidence in your paying subscribers.

Theo Lyons

Certainly not an excuse, it's exactly how it is. At the moment we have more than 4000 requests. All who have created a request want that functionality as much as you want this one. It's always a hard balancing act, but one we do try hard to get right. If you wanted to read more on how we prioritise please take a look here.

Brittany H (Community Manager)

4000 requests pretty much tells you what you need to do doesn't it?? I appreciate some of these are in fields within other parts of the product and not what we are discussing, however, you getting getting it pretty thick here. Hopefully someone will see the logic and deal with what is very important part of the product ie. emailing of invoices.

I know that if I see a professionally designed email / invoice that looks good I am going to appreciate it (if there is such a thing as an appreciative invoice!?) and generally remember to pay it quicker because it stands out and looks good. A good looking emailed invoice also has an impact on how our customers perceive our business too. Sloppy looking emailed invoices will portray sloppy work that was received and I don't like giving that impression I'm afraid -so this needs to change.

Surely it doesn't take rocket science to make such a change?? Fix the worst of it ASAP, then spend more time developing it further later (or sooner)

Jack Gray

I've resorted to manually sending out my invoices and reminders which totally goes against the reason why I chose Xero which was supposed to save me time!?!

Also, how come the email that comes with my invoice from Xero every month is in a different font to what we can use through the interface?

Please just give us a WYSIWYG editor!

Lindsay Neal

Please update the font - it is outdated and looks unprofessional.

Anna Gowan

Hey Anna, sorry that doesnt work. I want my payslips I send to staff to have an arial font instead of times new roman and you cant change it!!! Really really annoying me!

Catherine Sweeney

Its a sad reflection looking back through these posts that the original one is dated July 2015. Well I am still on my free subscription so i can certainly vote with my feet before the middle of April. It would be nice if something could be achieved on this matter. Almost two years since the original request! How complicated it is to be able to change font styles and sizes?

Ian Ceney

Hear, Hear!

Kim Mandla

Come on Xero, please get this done!

Lindsay Neal

Yes please - branding so important for e-mail now.

Mark Bevan

Just here to give you your bi-annual kick up the reminder Xero.

Simon Rondle

First request was 8 July, 2015. Its now May 2017.......nearly two years! Emailing invoices out is a BIG part of any business. It needs to look right! Come on Xero!

Kim Mandla

I want this as much as the next person however anyone who has ever worked with html email will know just adding a font is like pulling teeth!

Even once we have got the ability to change fonts it will be pretty much limited to generic web safe fonts (good list here: http://bit.ly/2lhSHDS)

Theo Lyons mentioned that we get a font from the 1990's but any font in the system will need to be compatiable with email browsers fromt he 90's otherwise who knows what the client will see!

Simon .cowling

Appreciate your comments, however, how have most other players in the field of sending emails via the web managed to do it. If you have the opportunity, take a look at Quickbooks. They make Xero look like a very amature and backwards looking service in this field.

Jack Gray

Simon... Xero are more than capable of inputting a drop down box to select different fonts. They aren't an early days start up business!!

Theo Lyons

Think I may be changing to Quickbooks!

Lindsay Neal

The problem isn't putting in a drop down box to select a different font in them the problem is what font the client will see on the other end,
if you knew anything about html emails you would know you can't embed a font and so the client will need the have the font already installed on their computer

Simon .cowling

Simon, you cant be serious are you? Use Arial or another standard web font that will render on almost every PC & Mac. How do you think web developers write web pages to show in most browsers? It doesn't have to Gothic Roman Script etc.

There are no excuses. Xero should be ashamed of its complete lack of development here. How has QB and many other web enabled software packages been able to achieve this to date. Not only have they (especially QB) achieved it, but it looks very professional and when you make a payment online it even places a PAID watermark over the invoice and sends you the paid copy too in the nice looking HTML format as a PDF too.

Jack Gray

In response to Theo he said he wanted something more modern than a 1990's font, but what you are actually saying is you want a 1980's font:

Simon .cowling

Simon you know what I'm trying to say. Simply provide some other fonts! It's a simple as that. If other programs can do this then what exactly is the reason as to why Xero can't? Do you work for Xero Simon?

Theo Lyons

So Simon - lets get booked in and get this teeth pulled! We want to look more professional then is currently coming across.

Kim Mandla

I don't work for Xero but I am working on my own solution to solve this issue, I will share with everyone once its done

Simon .cowling

I agree it is outdated and looks unprofessional.

Wendy Thomas

Please see a copy of what QuickBooks emailed Invoices look like and their web flow from the emailed invoice (6-pages of screenshots) http://bit.ly/2sjiC4p. It just looks more professional and advanced than Xero's 'template'. Please excuse any personal information here, although i have tried to exclude as much as possible

Jack Gray

I can't believe this hasn't been sorted out. Our template emails are completely bland. It is a standard Windows feature to have a formatting tool bar for a text box. I was able to format Kashflow templates very nicely. You even have some minor formatting on these help boxes bold italics and I could even add a link to something non-xero in here such as to an accounting package with good email formatting Kashflow

Ken Evans

Dear Xero - please fix this ASAP!!!!

Greg Ziegler

Dear Xero are you monitoring this? Is there any update? Annoying as this would be I'm currently thinking about moving to Quickbooks purely to get this feature.

Simon Rondle

We already have -for a new business that we started up 6 months ago. No issues to date and the look and feel of the invoicing is screeds ahead of Xero. I would be guessing a few other people may move too.

Jack Gray

Looking forward to hearing an update from Xero - this is a very basic feature to ensure the invoices we send clients look professional. I understand there are many other features required and you cannot develop them all but sending invoices is at the core of what businesses do.

Lauren Cernohorsky

Xero could you let your customers know what you've changed since this thread has been created?! All this hard work developing Xero and the final result of the clients email let's it all down. There must be a big reason as to why you're not advancing on this even though requested!

Theo Lyons

We are trying to build our brand and I feel that the emails we send from Xero are letting us down. They look very amateur. The invoices templates are great and very professional, but to have the emails looking almost childish is very disappointing. Can you please make this a priority to fix. Thank you

Raelene Hodges

Xero is great in many ways, however the email feature is unbelievably weak.

Emails are the interface between Xero and our customers and suppliers yet we can't add any formatting to the emails AND they are sent out from the awful address message-service@post.xero.com. As Raelene above said, Xero emails look childish and unprofessional. If you look at the latest releases for Xero, it is largely new bank feeds. Product development appears to be at a standstill.

Ken Evans

Not quite the case, Ken. Incredibly early days but we're looking at Email Template updates at the moment.

Brittany H (Community Manager)

#Brittany, Ken unfortunately is correct and so is everyone else in this forum to be honest. We are your customers and your customers are giving you some feedback here whether you like it or not. Xero is very useful and works well, but this feature is seriously lacking and needs attention.

It's good to hear you are working on this now. Do you have any timelines on when we can expect some developments and or completion of this?

Jack Gray

Brittany, could you provide us with a timescale of when you're likely to complete the improvements? Also when you say 'looking'... could you elaborate on this please...

Theo Lyons

Can't give a time frame as it is so incredibly early in the process, but we're looking into what changes should be made to Email Templates, and how big a project that would be. I don't mean to be vague, but that's as much info as I can give right now! I can't confirm that there will be more options for fonts, but the emails will look a lot better than they do now ;)

Brittany H (Community Manager)

So, should we wait another 2 years for an update on this?? On a more serious note, sign up to QuickBooks as a trial (if possible), create yourself a fictitious invoice and email it to yourself. This is how it should look and feel. Quicken are leaps and bounds ahead of you guys in this area

Jack Gray

i spent so much money on getting setup with xero, someone to make up my templates and invoices now when i send them i cant get my email signature to work so annoying am i doing something wrong?i have to have just a couple basic lines instead of my nice signature with pictures and clickable links to my social networks

Jacob Sheridan

Welcome to the world of the invoice emailing issues with Xero Jacob! :)

Jack Gray

Hmm, just spent some considerable time creating my first quote with a very long message to my clients in the message box. Clicked 'send' and the email received seems to be showing as "Helvetica" font which is almost illegible. That's a real shame. No way to turn off the PDF attachment of the quote either? I don't want clients to view the attachment, just click on the web quote and either accept/decline ideally.

Marcus Fletcher

Coming from Zoho Invoice (free by the way) this is a massive disappointment. You have done an excellent job with so much, but customer facing aspects, ability to preview the invoice before it goes out, template, even something as simple as bold or italicize text is sorely lacking. This will suffice for my eCommerce business, for now, but I could never use this for consulting.

Annmarie Gerry

You are quite right Annmarie, the customer facing aspects of Xero are very, very poor and let down an otherwise great product. The inability to format individual emails is ridiculous today, and of course then there's your awful spammy-looking email address that customers see, message-service@post.xero.com.

I get the impression that the email function was written by a school leaver on a Friday afternoon.

Ken Evans

Just to add my comments to this very long and lengthy thread. It is such a disappointment that even the most basic of changes cannot be made. I had naively assumed that with a bit of research I could have worked out a way to make my Xero emails reflect our newly revamped Company template but alas no there is little that can be done to bring the style into the 21st Century.
Come on Xero!!

Suzanne Jennings

We need function to make own footer for the email templates - just like in gmail for example.

Add Logo, social media links, change font and colour etc.

If this is now already possible please can someone point me in the right direction.

If this is still not possible...come on Xero chop chop get someone to code this in no time atall!

Well done on sorting the Stripe/Xero banks feed thing btw.

Many thanks!

MAX MAX Sales Staff

Chop Chop? More like pull your finger out and get this sorted!! This is well overdue. I'd have more chance of climbing Everest before this is completed grrrr...

Jack Gray

So this thread is now around 4 years old!! I’ve been with Xero for over 2 years now and just can not understand why this change of font has not been implemented into the emails yet. Someone please tell me what on earth is going on as for a small business I need to look as professional as one can be but when a client receives and email with a budget looking font it’s embarrassing. Updates as to why this hasn’t been sorted yet would be nice!

Theo Lyons

To top this off, Xero are now increasing their fee's for the privilege of providing a substandard service. Really? Get this fixed, or do you need us to say please more often?! My manners are quickly flying out the door with such uselessness.

Jack Gray

Theo Lyons, we decided to stop using the email option due to the above issues and have now gone back to the long way of emailing. Its not just the above issues, but also that when the client receives the email from zero, it is zero' email address and not your company email address that is shown, and we were concerned that clients would think it was dodgy or a scam email.

Kim Mandla

Totally agree that Email Templates should be able to use different fonts, color, Shading, Bold etc.
Currently looks like something that you would expect back when computers started.
Not very nice for customer your us.
Hope something can be done about this SOON than later

Frank Ness

Any updates on this?

Accounts @D1A