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Online Quotes - Record who quote was accepted by

Started by Sarah Marriott in Feature Requests | Idea

I'm looking at using the Quotes section to send out to clients and including the link for the customer to accept/decline/comment online however, after experimenting with the quotes, the system does not show the person who has accepted the quote, made a comment. It just shows as 'system generated'. Is there any way that the clients email address can be logged as the person accepting the quote or making the comment. Without this we can not produce a sufficient audit trail required so the quote link is worthless.
Hi Xero,
Sarah Marriott's request is over one year old and did not receive any reply. We are also interested in using this tool but if we cannot identify who accepted the quote we cannot hold them accountable to pay for the related invoice. This is very weak legally speaking. Any timeline on the implementation of this 'e-sign' feature? Thanks

Marina Carlier

Maybe simply request the person accepting to enter their name and email address to be able to accept with an e-signature.

Marina Carlier

Do you find that you send a Quote to more than one person in an organisation? I guess the thinking was that you send the Quote to your customer, they view it and they accept it. Doesn't work as well if you have to sent that Quote to more than one person though! I'll pass this onto the team.

Brittany H (Community Manager)

Hi, After quite a bit of time tinkering with this quote facility we decided to go for an alternative system for sending quotes. It records the quote onto the account on our CRM so we have a continuous track of information sent to the client and it allows us to send it to more than one person. Thanks for your help.

Sarah Marriott

Hi, this is quote an old conversation, but it doesnt look like it got concluded. I have a client who had a quote approved by their customer. However, the customer is now contesting that they ever approved the quote. All I can find in records that the quote was approved with no records of who by. This is quite urgent as without proof I dont think the customer will pay. Can you advise?
thank you

Adam Bent

Hi Adam, It didn't get concluded so I can't help I'm afraid. We use a different quote system now which we find more efficient for our needs. Good luck with contacting Xero direct, hope you get an answer.

Sarah Marriott

HI Sarah, thanks for letting me know. For the most part I think Xero is great, but they have a few things like this that bring it down. It would be better for them to just not have a quote facility than offer one that is frankly useless and not fit for purpose.

Which product do you use and does it integrate to Xero for invoicing?

Adam Bent

Hi Adam. We use SuiteCRM and they have a quote facility, it also keeps logs on who has modified anything etc so we always have a trail. Hope this helps.

Sarah Marriott

Attn team Xeroes. Sorry know that this issue has been around a while now but anything on the cards since last time re this? If it's ok to suggest, I was thinking this could be achieved if when accepting quote there was options such as (1) Existing User - login (2) Manually Accept - Enter Details, (3) Create free login (much like when saving from online bills). Mockup image attached. Either way, it could be presumed that this would allow for name capture, email and IP address through any of those methods which at least would help make quotes a bit more practical and represent a more robust verification similar to e-sign products (unless e-sign is going to become a feature, which in that case forget this suggestion).


I think the online quotes are nice to see, but I would generally agree with others that a "system generated" user tag, sadly won't prove much if someone disputes the acceptance later. Without some more solid capture info there's really no reliable proof of acceptance, and that would make it really difficult for lawyers or collection agents to pursue funds if the need arises.

Nick Wilkinson

@brittanyH The problem is that the email the customer receives can be forwarded to anyone, or intercepted. So potentially anyone can click the link and accept the work!

Patrick Leavy

5 Feb 2019
We have found that the quote aceptance system is great but were shocked to find that there is no record of who has accepted the quote. This is a fundamental step in forming a contract for services. Xero is implying that their acceptance mechanism is legally binding but it seems to have a few loopholes as pointed out above. We would often expect that the recipient of the quote is not the person who would approve it.

Greg Killen

Hi Xero,

Do you have a solution for this?

I am in the middle of a dispute and the client is saying they did not accept the quote.

I need evidence to say they did accept the quote.

Can you please help?

Daniel Hallawi

3rd March 2020
Are there any updates on this? There are no dates attached to any post so I can't see when this was initially requested. I feel like all the comments above make the point clearly about why this feature is required from a legal standpoint. Without this, the quotes functionality is essentially useless for our company.

James Phillips

No update as yet, I posted my response only a few weeks ago

Daniel Hallawi

@Daniel re "I am in the middle of a dispute and the client is saying they did not accept the quote"... I would contact Xero support and raise a ticket for this if you haven't already, see if they can have their team assist with giving more information for the accepted quote that might help you out. Hoping that you get it sorted.

For anyone else following this topic, I might suggest some viable alternatives whilst Xero address this issue;

1. Export the quote PDF and upload to an e-sign product for digital signing (Adobe echosign, docusign, pandadocs etc). From approx $10USD pm per user. Simple way to use the Xero quote and get it digitally signed separately.

For a list of e-sign apps (Xero integration generally not needed) go see; g2.com/categories/e-signature

2. Use standalone quotation/proposal software (I use Proposify $19USD pm per user). This is a bit more powerful than just e-sign software and has quote templates, email templates and Xero integration if needed, $40 pm per user). Quotient is another SME option for quotes.

For a list of integrated Xero / quote apps go see: apps.xero.com and search for "Quote".

Nick Wilkinson

3rd March 2020
Thanks for the response and recommendations Nick.

Solution 2 is how we've been operating up until now (we're using an app called Quotient), and our quotes have been completely separate to Xero.

Solution 1 is probably what we're considering going forward if Xero isn't going to add e-sign functionality any time soon. However, I'm not over the moon about it, as the reason we looked to move our quoting to Xero is to streamline and minimise the number of apps we're using - and this is just pushing the problem to another area.

That's why I'd like to get a rough idea of how long this issue has been ongoing for, so I can get a sense if it's high on Xero's priority list (I suspect not). I can see Greg's comment above is from a year ago and there's around a dozen posts before that too.

James Phillips

@nick Thanks for the reply, I would ideally like to use one app, so it would be nice to know if Xero would be adding this feature (even just the auditing trail) to see when and where (data is already collected in stripe for the payment side of things and is provided for evidence any customer queries)

I may have to use docusign etc in the meantime

Daniel Hallawi

@james nice. Totally understand. I have confidence they'll get there but I haven't heard of this on any short term roadmap. I could be wrong but in theory it should be pretty straightforward to revert back from e-sign software. I believe the thread is at least 1.5 - 2 years old. It's good you've at least got a work around for now.

@Daniel, agreed. I'm sure that's what everyone here is after. I'd encourage a reasonable work around like the two options for now. Only if you have no legal risk or exposure would the quotes in Xero suffice. The concept is great just needs the solid audit trail to make it relied upon. But on the other hand many use it and never experience clients disputing them so it pays to weigh up your own risk.

If you don't have an existing e-sign software it can be very useful for contacts and client onboarding also.

Nick Wilkinson

03 Mar 2020

Additional apps seem unnecessary and unnecessarily complicated.

Streamlined and legally binding engagement is crucial to a successful business.

Nick's mockup looks great but most of my clients would not be Xero users themselves.

I'm not an IT expert but could it be as simple as:

On the quote, there is a green button saying (I want to accept this quote). Once pressed, the authoriser is presented with an option to select one of the contact emails from Xero, or to enter a different email address. The selected address is recorded and a unique link is emailed to the authoriser who clicks on the link in their inbox to accept the quote.

I think that is legally binding and traceable?

Ideally, both you and your client would then receive a confirmation email "xxx@client has accepted the quote xxxx from..."


Greg Killen

27 May 2020
i am now looking to do this as this is the first thing i did was test the quote, and when i got just "system generated" i couldn't believe that is it, this proves nothing in court.
The online quote feature is so good but because of this its so bad and i question do the people that run xero really know business as this is SO important to business - i cannot belive this isnt sorted out yet!

Do any one from xero ever comment? where is the feedback?

for such a good product is disappointing

andrew rochford

Putting this in here anyway after I was recommended by support to add my 2c worth...

"... unfortunately the Feature Request forum is where good ideas go to die. Will need to look at an alternative solution outside of Xero for quotes as the system generated Accept note proves nothing if someone wanted to dispute it. I can't believe this is not a stronger 'acceptance' commitment other than some vague note and not even an acknowledgement to the person accepting it. Very weak."

Mark Edwards

11 Aug 2020.
If you have low risk the Xero quote creates a good process but does nothing legally for businesses which is the kicker.

@Mark, in case helpful;
If you can squeeze a higher app spend into your budget, I use Pandadoc, it's awesome. QWILR is another great option but costly. You can do a Zapier integration between QWILR accepted quotes/proposals and Xero invoices. Alternatively you could opt for a low cost e-sign app (e.g. Sign Now $9 USD pm) and drag / drop your Xero quote for authenticated signing and create the Xero invoice separately.

Nick Wilkinson

Hi @Nick. TBH I've used Xero for many years as we've got a good crew of clients that have not questioned the 'legality' of the quote acceptance... till now and I've got my fingers crossed that a substantial piece of work that we've delivered on and now the client is asking for the electronic proof of acceptance, is not going to completely unravel and leave us in the red.

So we also use Pandadoc but it is overkill for a lot of simple quotes but I think I'm going to need to reassess that position. The Pandadoc to Xero conversion (when I used it a few times a few years ago) was really clunky creating random clients in Xero and the conversion from PD to Xero Invoice wasn't that great an experience. I like being able to have Xero run the 'quote' and on acceptance I can just create an Invoice all in the same customer record without having to go and merge the PD created client into the actual client.

Need to put my big pants on though I think and go for a more robust 'proper' solution that is not going to expose our business because of the lack of credible audit trail from Quote to the point of Invoice. Clearly not the sales tool I had hoped it to be... despite wanting it to be.

Appreciate your comments Nick! Would be delighted if someone from Xero steps in here but can see that since this thread has been open for what appears to be several years (as I can't actually see dates other than those (like you) who have put it on their comments...) and only one comment from a community manager, I'm not holding my breath.

Mark Edwards

@Mark, that's fair enough. Different solutions out there that do a better job but know exactly what you mean. I use Hubspot > Pandadoc sales solution personally. I've seen Pipedrive > Xero integrations work also (Pipedrive can be integrated with various proposal solutions too).

Agreed, would be dandy if a Xero could update us here. I just made a comment on their blog in case it gets picked up by someone. https://www.xero.com/blog/2015/03/accelerating-cashflow-with-online-quotes/

Nick Wilkinson