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Bills - Add an 'account' column in the draft bills section

Started by David Tunstall in Feature Requests | Idea

add an 'account' column in the draft bills section and even a 'tracking' and 'description' column (if able) to facilitate faster approvals (vs. clicking into the draft bill - time suck).
That is an Awesome Idea David!! I 2nd that!

Jay Kimelman

There's already a similar thread here guys, do you mind if I merge?

Matt Oldfield (Community Manager)

Hi Matt, thanks for the reply. Actually, this is a hot-button issue, different than the link you posted.

With the advent of hubdoc, receipt-bank, shoeboxed, entrylesss, etc. It is very easy for 3rd party apps to send 'bills' that need matching in xero to the 'draft bills' section.

what we're asking for, specifically, is another column (or columns) in the draft bills section to easily see which account the 3rd party app assigned to the transaction...and compare that with the attached .pdf.

This correction would be a huge time saver for bookkeepers that send their 'support docs' to these 3rd party bill processors to be able to 'approve' the draft bills without having to click into each draft bill to see what account had been assigned.

Thank you,

David Tunstall

Makes sense, thanks for the clarification!

Matt Oldfield (Community Manager)

I have the same concern. My staff submits bills for my approval but some of these bills are payable to the same supplier and it is extremely tedious to click each item just to see what are they payments for--would be really great to have the ability to add/view other columns such as description and account to speed up approvals.

Weng Bagadion

This wastes so much time! I'd love it to be added.

Tim Grant