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Please provide feedback on the new add-on DEAR Inventory to be considered for a free subscription

Started by DEAR Team -   in Using Xero Connected Apps

Dear All

I would like to introduce a new inventory system DEAR Inventory (DEAR does not stand for “pricy” but for Double Entry Accounting Records). A beta version is now available for preview at http://dearsystems.com . We are not a XERO partner yet, that’s why connection to XERO needs be done via XERO login page (see video for more details).

We need your feedback and suggestions on what extra features you would like in your inventory system. Feedback can be posted on http://dearsystems.uservoice.com

In return, 5 most proactive contributors will be awarded with free lifetime subscription (Large edition).

Below are DEAR Inventory features:

• Purchase orders, Credit Notes, Stock, Return to Supplier, Un-stock. Export invoices and credit notes to XERO. Import payment transactions from XERO
• Sale quotes, Sale Invoices, Pick, Pack, Ship, Return from customers, Re-stock. Export invoices and credit notes to XERO. Import payment transactions from XERO.
• Stock adjustments, Stocktaking, Stock Transfers, Finished Goods, Stock reordering
• Reporting on Inventory Movement, Stock on Hand, Cost Analysis, Compare Goods Received vs Ordered, Profit Summary and much more.
• Modify invoice, credit note, quotes and purchase orders templates to include your company logo, special conditions, additional payment options etc. using familiar MS Word processor.

Feedback can be fragmented as:
- General suitability for your business (or your clients)
- Any additional purchase/sale/inventory functions you would like
- Any additional reports you would like
Hi Allan, I'd be interested in looking at your system and perhaps discussing its potential for a client of mine who manufactures wooden flooring here in the UK. Some of his stock is resold so needs to be accounted for on a one in one out basis, raw materials on the other hand are processed into wood flooring so we want to be able to measure work in progress and wastage. Ideally we would eventually like to be able to calculate standard costs for manufactured product that we can report actuals against - identifying volume, value and yield variances.

Kindest Regards
Lisa Dickson

Lisa Dickson  

Allan, we run a small cheesemaking business in the US, and I would absolutely love to test your inventory system. Most appealing is that BOM capabilities are available in the small edition for us to get started with. We need to track cheese lots from milk to finished packaging (including tracking packaging and shipping materials as inventory). After the sale, we need to be able to keep track of lot numbers in case of any recalls.

Inventory ageing is also extremely important to us, and it would be helpful to be able to quickly report on the ages of all the cheeses in our caves and to store historical data about the condition of various lots as they age (in relation to notes kept on the condition of the raw materials, process parameters, etc.) That last might be a lot to ask of just an inventory system, though.

In short, we'd be very excited to help test your system. Please be in touch!

Ross Williams  

Hi Ross, We are XERO partner now. I read your suggestions here and seems like if you please check our inventory management system you may find a lot of requested features already there. Some things like ageing inventory report can be added on request, not a big challenge for us

DEAR Team  

Hi Allan
Can you add a Warehouse Manager User Role for primary industries where the warehouse manager can enter produce packed from inwards goods into inventory as BOM eg horticultural produce that is not purchased and is able create a Buyer Created Invoice with pick pack and ship. This role would have no access to payments or pages displaying financial data in any form (read only and data entry not permitted for financial data).
As this is warehouse floor data entry a mobile tablet version would be really useful.

Shirley Hiscock  

Hi, I am looking for the following functionality. I am just pasting a post I have put on the small business Xero community. Is possible your system could help?


We run a bread business. We send out orders daily and invoice weekly. We would like to generate packing slips in Xero that are then consolidated for the week into one invoice. EG - if a customer orders 2 loaves of sourdough Monday-Friday we would generate 5 separate packing slips to go with the daily delivery but at the end of the week an invoice is automatically generated showing 10xSourdough.


Administrator Flaveur  

---------Comments and send feedback after web demo with Serij 07-25-13-----------------

Serij, I liked what you guys have, GREAT WORK. In parallel with Cin7 you guys have the most comprehensive set of features and a clean integration with both Xero and Magento. (Yet to be fully tested). Cin7 has higher upfront cost both financially and in time, but big advantage over you is integration with Capsule CRM. I've just implemented it, really like Capsule and Nutshell CRM's I believe are the top in the space in terms of UI, functionality, and API comprehensiveness and ease-of-use for integration. If you guys could integrate to capsule that would be really really nice.

See my separate post for key little tweaks especially for United States market. (Box only allows 2500 characters)

Other Nice to Haves
Backend ordering page where resellers/distributors/partners can place orders quickly from a simple spreadsheet type format list including product name, SKU, quantity available, ,retail price, wholesale price. They know what they want and do not want to go through website. This is a really nice feature I saw Cin7 has and Tradegecko, Lettuce, Stitched Labs, and a few others will have and Unleashed Software has in development.

This feedback has been generated from a few weeks of evaluating most available systems. I believe most of these items are pretty quick and easy to implement, and most importantly would be applicable to all of your customers, not just ourselves.

I have a Google Doc comparing all 10 or 12 and 3 different budget packages of cloud operations for e-commerce business...PRICING, KEY FEATURES, ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES including Cin7, Dearly Inventory, Unleashed, Erply & Inventory.com, Linnworks, TradeGecko, Lettuce, Bizelo, PeopleVox, Freestyle Commerce, OrderHarmony, TidyStock, OfficeBooks, Megaventory, Clearly Inventory, Fishbowl Inventory. Obviously inventory providers in the club space will have a shakedown, you have some great features, just a few small elements, and look to TradeGecko and Lettuce for fabulous user interfaces (but they're missing the functionality.

I just sent this all to you by email. Then I noticed this reviews offer and figured I should share it here! Anyone who finds this valuable, respond and I will try to rework all of my notes to fit in this text only format.

Mark Felling  

CONTINUED.... This is the heart of my feedback....

Here are a few key elements that are missing to make it truly functional for us and many other businesses, especially United States businesses.

Order Fulfillment: ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED by ALL US businesses. Print Shipping Labels for FedEx & USPS (United States Postal Service), other businesses also use UPS, but all US businesses use these three. Alternative possibility: Integration with ShipStation

Purchasing: Print Product Label when Receiving formatted for Zebra ZP500 label printer Provided free by FedEx (example: 4x5 or 6 inch standard, but also 2x3 inch, etc.) containing Product Name, Barcode, Product SKU text under barcode, and small image of product. When putting items away, scan barcode on rack location to populate location field. This looks fairly easy using your Word Template Reports?

Products Configuration: Suppliers, need 2 missing fields: Supplier Description (missing) to complement Supplier SKU (already have). Supplier Descriptionis essentially the suppliers product name and can differ significantly from our selling product name. For example, we distribute and cycles for Stricker from Germany, their product names don’t make sense translated into English, we need to use our own English properly formatted names for marketing. Similarly, there are some products we buy OEM, rebrand, package of services, and sell under our own name. This is common in other systems so when you created PO it fills it in with supplier SKU, supplier description, and maybe any notes you make concerning details or changes or configuration. Finally, also field for Supplier Product URL. this field simply saves time. Every product now is on the web, when I find a particular screw of a particular size unfasten all, I simply copy the URL and paste it when I’m setting up the product so in the future if I need to find it again I quickly can rather than spending 15 to 30 minutes tracking it down. Similarly, when I find a product from a supplier in Asia, many of their names are very similar, Shenzen Tool and die, Shenzen Automotive works, etc. and one may spend a few hours tracking down a product from the supplier, you don’t want to forget who that was or how to find them again in the future.

Magento: Pull Credit Memo like Invoice Into Dear Systems

Magento: Push Average Landed Cost to Magento "Cost" Product Attribute (1 line code identical to product quantity)


Mark Felling  

Continued Part 3....

Bill of Materials: Add text box for instructions/comments on how to assemble and a link to Google Doc for detailed manufacturing/assembly instructions with images, etc.

"Kitted or Packaged" products/SKUs that are not preassembled into finished goods but simply a list of other (already finished goods) SKUs where inventory is reduced on all of the SKUs in the list when picked. This could be as simple as a configuration checkbox in the bill of materials that says it is a kit, and quantity would always be zero, or noninventory and if configured as a kit, quantity 1 would be automatically assembled when shipped. Or you can handle with completely separate logic code

Future: Better Order Queue and Fulfillment Processing with barcode scanner. Many systems first scan packing list barcode, then scan bin order will be picked into, then pick each item scanning it until order is complete. It is then transferred to "packaging" who scans the bin number which pulls up order shipment details to enter weight or any other details for customs, etc., scan in code for packaging materials used, finally prints shipping label for FedEx, USPS, or UPS.

Keep up the great work!

Mark Felling  

@Mark Felling, Very nice write up. I appreciate your effort. I am in the throws of deciding to move from a Quickbooks based system to Xero + addons and one of the addons will be an inventory system. I would very much like to review your Google doc comparison. If your willing to share my gmail address is jrmathisjr@gmail.com

Thank you kindly,

Joe Mathis  

Hi Nick, Sorry I missed your post. We have simple job costing module that automatically generates invoices for all outstanding expenses allocated to selected customer. Invoice can be generated at given frequency (weekly, monthly etc.) This should cover your scenario as well. Please give it a try and let us know if you have any questions.

DEAR Team  

Hi Allan

I think your inventory system is great and everything works well to serve it's purpose. The only thing I would like to mention here is the loading process. It seems that DearSystems is very slow compare to other addons. Just today, I could not login with "Unexpected error occurred in DEAR inventory" message.

Overall I love the system where it intelligently combined backorder for different suppliers. It is crucial and I found out that not every inventory management software does this, for some reason I could not think off. ;)

Once again, I apploud you for the good work.

Kind regards
Christopher Emmanuel
Cashflow+Networks | Etax Local Accountants | Haymarket

Christopher Emmanuel  

Hi all,

Nadia here from TradeGecko - (http://tradegecko.com). We are integrated with Xero and we are a good alternative when it comes to inventory management.

We're also hopefully very reasonably priced in terms of getting started and going - would love to talk further.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Partner Relationships Manager

Nadia R  

Hi all,

We have recently released an Xero API integration with the Linnworks platform, which we have had success with recently.

Ebusiness Guru for XERO is an accounting integration for Linnworks which posts Linnworks sales as sales invoices into the XERO Accounting System. Generate invoices in the correct currencies, either per order or as a combined sales orders summary from your sales channel, grouped by payment methods and originating channel, so you can manage your disbursements easily, and always be only a day behind Linnworks in Xero. It even breaks down payments received by Sales Tax rate!

Watch how it works by clicking here

If you have any further queries, you can contact me at adrian@ebusinessguru.co.uk or email apps@ebusinessguru.co.uk

Best regards,


Adrian Daniels