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Backup / export copy of Xero file

Started by Clive Austin in Feature Requests | Idea

I'm generally VERY HAPPY with Xero's functionality but I'm equally DISTURBED to find that there's no built-in facility to export/backup my data.

Downloading a local copy every now and then would certainly make me feel much more comfortable! Redundant backups are like any other kind of insurance and hopefully I will never need them ... but I sure do feel extremely UNcomfortable not having ANY kind of personal backup insurance here.

It doesn't seem too much to expect that I could at least download a local backup of my accounts data. Does it? It wouldn't even have to bee too sophisticated - even a ZIPed up bunch of CSV files would surely be better than nothing at all.

I appreciate that Xero take justifiable pride in the knowledge that they've designed their infrastructure to be resilient and as bullet-proof as possible .... but .... accidents DO happen, systems DO fail and ultimately I'm just not comfortable with the idea of having NO other option than to sit tight and hope that their competence is enough to resurrect my data and get my business running again IF (...or rather, WHEN) the worst happens.

Come on Xero - include an option to download my accounts data - sooner rather than later. Please, please, please! This is such a glaringly obvious omission in an otherwise beautifully designed system, it seems such a shame.
Official Xero Reply
Hi everyone, I'm sorry we haven't provided a recent update - it has been a while since our last. As it stands there's nothing new we can add here - a back-up as you've described isn't in our plans. I do want to address some of the concerns directly though.

Xero lives in the cloud and is developed as such. There aren't new versions that you need to manually update or juggle between people. In Xero there is one source of truth. This may be different than what you're used to, but it means that the data is more reliable and accessible to everyone.

If a mistake has been made within the accounts, don't forget there are a variety of options to find and undo any of these transactions.

- The History and Notes shows the activity in your organisation. What's being added, edited, deleted, approved, sent etc, and by whom.
- The Journal report displays all journals created, and by whom, the date, and amounts.
- Find and Recode also allows you to find transactions, and bulk edit to update or fix any mistakes easily.
- The recently released Assurance Dashboard gives you a view of any malicious behavior that you're then able to zoom in on to sort.

There's also the ability to export most of the information out of Xero - more detail on that can be found here.

What's missing, and what has been talked about here is the ability to export out all Files that have been uploaded to Xero, in bulk - this has been requested here.

We certainly don't want to you feel like we 'trap' our customers - Support are happy to give you more information about getting your data out of Xero if you send them an email. It may also be useful to know that we keep data according to legislative requirements, even if you choose to remove your subscription with us.

To your point about my last comment, apologies if it came across as condescending (tone can easily be misinterpreted when it's text alone!) however I was directly addressing Carolyn and the issues that she experienced in her dealings with Support. Incorrect information was provided, and so caused confusion and extra hassle for her in sorting it out.

Brittany H (Community Manager)

Best Reply as chosen by Brittany H (Community Manager)
I want to jump in to address some of the latest comments here. Within the 'Best Reply' marked above, we've explained why we can't simply provide a backup or restore functionality. As a cloud based product you don't notice updates, but the team are constantly making changes to ensure everything runs as it should, and your data is fully accessible, safe and secure. We're not rejecting this request, but in the interest of transparency we have openly let you know this is not something that will be happening in the near future.

Community does a great job of letting us know the priority our customers place on various features and changes. It also helps us flesh out what different approaches we might take, and helps us ensure we've covered all bases with new work. It's an incredibly valuable resource, and we're grateful for your input, but there's no specific number of votes that ensure this (or any other requested feature) is developed. There are many, many factors that contribute to every product decision made. Community is important, but it's not the only thing we have to consider.

In relation to the outage back on the 24th Feb, that lasted two and a quarter hours. You can read about it in detail here, but the root cause was a network infrastructure issue. There was no corruption to databases or backups.

As it stands, there are ways to get your information out, mistakes can be undone, and data can be locked against change - these have all been discussed above. It may provide peace of mind to some that all data is replicated to a geographically separate data centre, as well as being backed up and transferred to an off site storage facility. We know this doesn't cover every scenario, but stating it clearly will hopefully aid some customers that land here, and give direction to those that need help.

Luke Gumbley (Xero Staff)