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AU Payroll: Employees - Import Employee information

Started by Danielle Schipelliti in Payroll Feature Requests | Done!

Hi all, can anyone tell me if the new payroll for xero has the ability to mass upload and or import employees? I can not seem to find the import option.


Yes please, this is a feature we really need. Having to wait for Xero to do it for us is a bit of a pain!!

Heather Shaw

Hello - no you can't yet upload employee data but it's definitely on the list to do for a future release. Thanks for posting.

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)

Has this feature request been completed? If not, when will it be?

Jim McClintock

This should be done immediately now that more and more are converting to xero from another accounting software!

When is this scheduled to be implemented? We have numerous clients moving from myob with tons of employee and the partners who converts myob to xero has limitations, e.g. myob file size.

Sylvia Kasai

We do have plans to add this functionality - scheduled in amongst all the other exciting things we have planned for Payroll! When development has started I'll let you know. Right now, Support can import employee information for your clients - more info on how to do that's here.

Brittany H (Community Manager)

Hi Brittany,

Do you know how long it will take for the support team to import employee information?


Courtney Mitchum

Hey Courtney - providing all the info is correct one business day. However, with it being EOY for you in Aus it may take a bit longer.

Brittany H (Community Manager)

Hi Brittany, Has this functionality been enabled yet?

Danielle Smith

This function is so important for conversions from other systems. When will we be able to import employees information.

Cathy Hurditch

I can't believe this hasn't been done. Even if it was just the basic/static information.

It is really quite labourious.

Malcolm Macdonald

Yes, please can we have this -would save a lot of data entry!

Rachel Roden

This would be a great feature!

Emma Sullivan

I'm about to bring our payroll in-house (to Xero) from a payroll bureau. I now face having to manually input the details of nearly 100 employees. :(

I can't believe there's no way for me to import my employees in one go, when this feature was first requested FOUR years ago!!

Is there an update on when this functionality might be available?

Kathleen Kelson

I visited this page, but it appears to be only for Australia. Is there a UK equivalent?

Kathleen Kelson

It can't be that difficult to at least add batch entry. This is painful. I can't even split screen with my spreadsheet of names because my buttons disappear. If not import then make the data import easier.

Shelley Hood

I was using trial version on XERO and this is the first feature I looked for when I started looking at your payroll.
I do not think we can use xero without this feature so my trial stops here on very first day when I signed up.


Neeta Dhami

Neeta, it's not possible to do this yourself. However, if you fill in this template and email it to our Support team, they can upload this for you. Just reach out if you need more help with this.

Kelly M (Community Manager)

it is not a one time thing that we would depend on your support team. We do new staff import literally every week before we start payroll.
it needs to be in our control so that we can do it whenever required.



Neeta Dhami

Hi we have many companies now using Xero, we already import from their MRP system sales and purchase invoices, we now need to import their employee weekly clocking's (hours) this is now urgent, thank you

Andy Barlow

Merged: Employee Template Reports - Detailed CSV file format

When converting MYOB Card Lists - Employees to Xero Employees it has been difficult to reconcile to the Xero Employee template ( ALL TABS) as there is no "Employee Detailed report" that can be uploaded or downloaded in Excel format showing all fields - TABS on "Employee" .
Details - Employment- Taxes - Leave - Bank Accounts - payslips- Pay Template- Opening Balances- Notes

This would make the integrity of Payroll conversions easier to reconcile the information transferred.


Kim Fay

Hi Kim, is this the sort of thing you're asking here? It's not possible to import employee info to Xero right now, but we do have a template that you can fill and provide our team at Support who can upload the data for you. :)

Kelly M (Community Manager)

YES. ASAP. it's taken us ages to try & upload all employee card list from MYOB to Xero - most of it done "manually". We need an "import" & "export' function for creating " Employee" templates!!
Thank You in Advance.

Kim Fay

Essential eliminate donkey work; reduce errors; needed, as they say, like yesterday.

Piers Allbrook

Also needs Start and end date; work.

Piers Allbrook