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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |CRM

4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 34 user ratings

About HubSpot

Xero is collaborating with HubSpot, a CRM, online marketing, sales and customer service growth platform to deliver the best end-to-end customer journey possible.
For more information, check out HubSpot.


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I really wanted to use Hubspot - but then when I went to go Sync the data, it told me I had to upgrade my Xero subscription to Premium. Which seems a bit crazy. Not sure why they wouldn't have the Standard option available. We don't want to pay $15 extra per month to be able to have multiply currencies - something we have no need for. Disappointing that the two companies made this decision.

Alanna Chapman  

Agree with other comments, this integration only syncs one-way at the moment (from Xero to Hubspot). Not ideal for existing Hubspot users.

Anna Illemann  

Doesn't allow a practice subscription to be used - although this is a 'Premium' subscription... unsure why Hubspot/Xero only allow this for a certain type of Xero subscription?!

Matt Morris  

This integration only syncs one-way at the moment (from Xero to Hubspot) which means it won't be ideal for some users.

Ashley Baldry  

HubSpot is an amazing CRM, makes everything so seamless. Great for businesses of all kinds.

Dan Gregg  

Xero has made everything with work so much smoother, everyone I know who uses it loves it, Hubspot is by far the best CRM

Robert Lees  

Love hubspot and xero its made everything at work so much easier and its a great program to use, highly recommend it

Andrew Cox  

Keeping track of my accounts with Xero has been such a great experience, the overall design of the service is excellent. I find it easy, intuitive and great for someone like me who is new to the CRM world. Connecting Hubspot and working with clients from other corporations make it accessible for me to utilise analytical tools and many other resources that I am very thankful for. I highly rate it!

Dilushi Prasanna  

Great integration. Doing exactly what it is said in the details.
Although, it is quite a small feature at this point.
Looking forward for many more features in future! Keep it up!

Calvin Liono  

Loving Xero and Hubspot, made things that have been difficult in the past seamless and easy, can't see our business using anything different, love it!

Xavier Tobin  

Impressed with the way HubSpot has been integrated into Xero. It's so easy to use and a fantastic addition to help the business. Excellent!!

Adrian Eppel  

We've used hubspot and xero for a while now, so to have them integrated is going to streamline a lot of our processes. Very Excited!

Nathan Robinson  

CRM is an essential part of our business - Xeros integration with hubspot is amazing and we will definitely take full advantage of this integration.

Joshua Sammut  

The CRM integration has made life a lot easier and workflows a lot smoother!

Harrison Burr  

The CRM services has been a fantastic addition to Xero's software.
It's incredibly easy to use, even for someone like me who isn't particularly savvy in these areas! I highly recommend it and will certainly be an on-going user.

Sabine Battel  

Being able to have CRM access through Xero is a very handy tool indeed.
Thanks Hubspot!

Shakya Prasanna  

The CRM integration is a real game changer with Xero.
Nothing compares, I could not recommend the service more.

Mitchell Osborne  

Massive fan of both HubSpot and Xero. This integration allows me to connect both seamlessly and see everything all in one place. Very impressed.

Danielle Blyth  

A great simple way to make sure all the contacts we deal with in Xero, whether its customers of ours of suppliers are logged in Hubspot.
Looking forward to seeing what else comes from it.

Scott Ward  

The integration between hubspot and Xero has been a lifesaver! It has definitely helped with our workflows.

Lauren Burgueno  

We use both Hubspot and Xero at our work and connecting it with Xero has made life simpler for all! Definitely recommend!

Dave Mallen  

Super handy having CRM integration with Hubspot, through Xero and not affect my workflow.
Fantastic time for accounting and customer relationship management.


Eren Besiroglu  

I would like to give this integration 5 stars, but at this stage am only willing to part with 3.

Am I missing something? All this integration does is sync contacts (name, address, email) one way from Xero to HubSpot. Company data is not transferred nor are financials. In our company, we already (automatically) populate contact data into HubSpot from our Admin and don't necessarily want Xero as the authoritative source. We were looking at this integration as a means to bring across financial + company data.

In saying the above, definitely going to watch this space, alas if nothing happens - we'll resort to developing our own integration in-house connecting the two platforms.

Oliver Roberts

Oliver Roberts  

As a production company, we rely heavily on Hubspot CRM to keep up to date with our clients and sales. Having Xero integrated into our system has seriously improved our processes.

Joseph Gardner  

Hubspot has been a heavily used CRM at my company and being able to have Xero, seamlessly integrated into our system is a blessing. Looking forward to how you guys expand into the integration, I'm loving it so far!

Kean Szczur  

Great to see our front and back office systems talking to each other. This is a great step towards having one source of truth for our business!

James McCarthy  

Great work with the integration. Our business doesn't have much to spend on additional tools, so having the option to get a free and excellent CRM with HubSpot has been a huge benefit for us, and the integration with Xero has been a game-changer.

Meg Turner  

My favourite CRM integrated with my favourite accounting software, love it!

Adam Simpson  

Recently started using this HubSpot and Xero integration but very happy with it so far. Very simple to set up and once it's up and running you can get a really good view of what's going on across both, would highly recommend.

Simon Gillen  

Great to have such a useful integration between two fantastic platforms - the ability to have an overview of my business has saved myself and my team quite a bit of time and effort since I started using it

Jean Stamp  

I'm a pretty heavy user of the HubSpot CRM and Xero in my company and have found this integration very effective to help me keep across both without any fuss. Setup of the integration is also just a few clicks and very easy to do.

Erin Welsh  

Have just started using this integration but really enjoying it so far. Great job on all fronts!

Sarah McCann  

Very impressed with this integration, easy to install and easy to use - super useful to have an overview of everything.

Michael Adams  

I am so excited to see Xero integrate with HubSpot. HubSpot is the best CRM I have found, now having it connected with Xero will help connect the full picture of what is happening in my business.

Duane Hayde