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AU Payroll: Calendar - Remove default

Started by Kate Jones in Payroll Feature Requests | Idea

With a new product update recently, the ability for a new employee to be set up WITHOUT a payroll calendar, where there is only one payroll calendar has been removed.

The requirement to set up an employee who is not on payroll, but needs to be an 'employee' to approve leave, is common in companies and trusts where the directors / trustees are not paid via payroll but they do employ people and therefore need to have access to approve leave.

As it stands, if there is only one payroll calendar, it is considered the 'default', and every employee will have this calendar automatically prefilled during set up. The only work around, is to set up a second payroll calendar, which then enables the user to untick 'default' from the original calendar. Calendar two does not even need to be used, as once there is no 'default' calendar, a new employee can be set up without a prefilled payroll calendar. What a long way to achieve something that used to be standard!

A fix for this is to have the 'default' tick box appear in the payroll calendar set up when there is only ONE payroll calendar, so that the single payroll calendar does not automatically prefill.