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Global -Non-Taxable Allowances pro-rates Employee's contribution for pension to the NTA Account Code

Started by Nick Murray in Payroll Feature Requests | Idea

Currently, when setting up a non-taxable allowance or other type of allowance, any Employee contributions are pro-rated to the expense account for the non-taxable allowance.

For example, I pay a NTA of $10,442.10 and taxable items of $40,000. I have an Employee pension contribution of $1,500.

When this is booked, I would expect to see $10,442.10 being booked to the expense account as a single item, but what gets booked are 2 items, $10,318.50 as the employee payment and $310.52 as an employee contribution.

Pension, pensionalble salary, and employee contributions have nothing to do with non-taxable allowances. I consider this to be a bug in Xero's methodology for allocating these contributions.

It is a nightmare trying to explain these account entries to my auditor.
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Hi Nick, have you come into our specialists at Support about this? I see you're based in Hong Kong, and do want to note that we don't have a full payroll feature for the Global edition of Xero.
If you're using Global Pay Run, this feature is quite simple and designed for orgs that have a very small number of employees and uncomplicated reoccurring pay runs.

Kelly M (Community Manager)