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AU Payroll: Public holiday table to correct leave taken over public holidays

Started by Gregory Hall in Payroll Feature Requests | Done!

If an employee captures leave from the 24th Dec to the 28th Dec, Xero will take this as 5 days of leave as the 2 days of public holidays are not taken into account.

One solution would be to have a leave table in "settings" where public holidays are set for the year. Days on this table would not be counted as leave days. Another option would be for Xero to load public holidays based on country and region.
Official Xero Reply
Hi everyone, today's release included our public holiday feature! We’ve created Holidays and Groups automatically for you based on your country with dates entered for 2015. We’ll keep public holidays up to date each year for you automatically.

To use Holidays for new requests in the remaining few weeks of 2014 you simply need to manually add the holidays you need and assign the employees to the correct group. Any new request will use this information and previously completed requests will not be affected.

Thanks again for your feedback. Have a look at our release blog to see what other payroll updates were included.

Oliver Furniss (Xero Staff)