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Clarity HQ

Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Reporting

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 20 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Clarity HQ, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Clarity HQ

Clarity helps you understand your numbers, and improve them, as well as create a clear strategic plan to build your ideal business. For more information, check out Clarity HQ.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Clarity HQ, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Clarity HQ support centre or email support@clarity-hq.com

Just by using the 7 key numbers as a starting point all of our team have had stronger conversations with their clients. We're really impressed with its simplicity and have found the step by step action plans really useful. Looking forward to building our teams confidence with business advisory services to all of our clients.

Liam Brignull  

Clarity is a complete no-brainer. Low outlay, fantastic support and so easy to set up. It's made it simple to have great conversations and explain to clients what we can do to help and add value. Love how the action plan can be created and shared with the team and how we can help hold clients accountable. The systems and processes that are 'under the bonnet' are also invaluable to supporting our advisory services.

Steve Barton  

We needed an app that simplified "advisory" into a way that was easy for clients to understand and derive benefit from. The 7 numbers concept and the action plan run through is simple yet highly meaningful to clients. It's a real benefit to our practice app stack.

Andrew Coulson  

Saw the software demonstrated at Xerocon and it seemed like a no brainer.
Signed up on the spot.
Since then it has not disappointed and am really getting value from using the tool.
Looking forward to growing clients with this. Feedback so far has been excellent.

Simon Lever  

We needed a system which simplified the process of analysing key business metrics for our staff so they could identify opportunities for our clients to improve their business and also bring these issues or improvement areas to our senior team. We wanted to empower the team to be able to see the value they could add to a client and Clarity allows us to do this. We also use Clarity at the onboarding stage to review the numbers to be able to offer suggestions to prospects and also put us ahead of the game.

Joe David  

We started using Clarity when I setup my new Cloud Accounting & Business Advisory firm last month. The support we receive from Clarity is exceptional and they added value to our firm from day one! Support is excellent and the product brilliant!
We would highly recommend Clarity to ALL accountancy firms. You'll be amazed and your clients even more!

Francois van Heerden  

Clarity is a great tool which helps introduce clients to advisory and motivates clients to improve their numbers. One of Clarity's greatest attributes is it's simplicity which allows you to speak to business owners in a straightforward yet effective way and start conversations about improving the performance of their business without getting lost in the detail. This makes Clarity an ideal tool for business owners who do not require full blown advisory services, yet still appreciate the value in regularly looking at their numbers and what can be done to improve.

Matt Tucker  

Love Love love this. A great piece of software that takes little to no training and equally as simple when explaining and demonstrating to a client so that they see the value immediately.

Will be pretty much rolling this out to all clients very soon but already the value it has added has been immense.

Graeme Tennick  

Excited about the link to Xero from the Clarity team. Having the ability to review the 7 numbers from all our clients and use this as a discussion point goinh forward is something we have been looking for a while now. Well done clarity for leading the market with this initiaitve

Martin Norbury  

Clarity is a great platform that has helped us, as a small business, understand our key financial data and put in place plans for future growth and how to achieve it. It's simple to setup and has a clear interface, focusing on the important areas of our financial data. There is lots of helpful information on the Business University and we look forward to using the platform more in the coming months. Thank you!

Ross Huelin  

What is not to like about being able to help your clients with clear, concise and powerful messages. I love that it prompts quality conversations not just for experienced advisors but for a huge range of talented and enthusiastic guys and girls that would just appreciate a bit of structure to their conversations!

Brilliant stuff.

Phil Mills  

Clarity is an exciting product - the vision of the team to create this is impressive. I'm looking forward to having it implemented across our entire client base, and to the conversations we'll be having with in future ~ the benefits will be immeasurable to business owners, and my team of accountants both!

Kylie Anderson  

We have signed up to this on the back of a recommendation and it certainly hasn't disappointed. People have been banging on about advisory for what seems like an eternity now and they have always stopped when we have asked about how you do it. For the bulk of our small business clients we have now have a solution with the conversation starters that we need. The guys are friendly and accomodating and I can't wait to get this one running properly!

Robin Johnson  

The Clarity team have an infectious passion for the Accounting profession and we want our organisation to be part of that too.This technology really does now facilitate an adviser being able to sit on the shoulder of the business owner as the trusted adviser and give them real time advice that will make a genuine difference to their businesses in the most positive way.

The image of an accountant version of Clerk Kent becoming superman for the SME market springs to mind and who doesn't want to be a mini hero for their clients!

The ease of use of the software is one of its key strengths and it is a real gateway into the advisory world we are all so keen to explore.

I think anyone who uses Xero should think of Clarity in the same way as they do Receipt Bank, Auto Entry or Bank feeds as it is a foundation product in my opinion.

There are also just a lovely bunch of people to work with!

Kev Whitmarsh  

The team behind Clarity have an amazing vision for the future of the profession. And the technology they are developing is simple, powerful and profoundly valuable. It is still early days, but the future for this app is incredibly exciting.

Steve Pipe  

Clarity HQ App delivers a new insight into my clients' numbers, which has already stimulated some interesting conversations.
It is super quick & easy to integrate the data from Xero and the support is excellent if you get stuck.
I definitely see this software becoming part of our toolkit for client service.

Jessica Pillow  

Having recently seen Clarity in action, I am really excited to start using the software with clients and expanding our potential services to them.

The platform is user friendly and easy to use, and in a matter of minutes can generate a wealth of points to aid valuable conversations with clients about their businesses and what we can do to assist them.

Big thanks to the Clarity team for taking the time to demonstrate it and cover the 'bigger picture' stuff!

Stacey Morrison  

We are new to Clarity but are really excited about the prospect of using it.

Having mentioned this to only a handful of my clients, they cant wait to start looking at this in more detail. This is most definitely the gateway into having a closer relationship with your clients and the Xero advisory space.

My recommendation at this stage is to get involved. Clarity is a great product on its own but this is only the start of the journey. Cant wait for accurate benchmarking and advice on raising funds for SMEs.

Thanks to the Clarity team for an excellent presentation!

Wayne Bastian  

Until now there has been no way to scale business advisory work. Clarity is a simple to use platform that will help an accountant to offer basic advice to maybe the first 80% of clients. The top 20% will need more individual advice but at least you can start to delegate to your team

Della Hudson  

We've been using the Clarity HQ app for a couple of months now and it's really easy to use, gives great information to business owners around what is possible within their business and helps formulate an action plan for the business owner to follow so that they can achieve the results that they want.

Alan Woods