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MTD VAT - Ability to review without connecting to HMRC

Started by Carolynne Spencer in Feature Requests | Working on it

Prior to MTDvat I believe anyone could review that vat return but only those with the gateway details could actually submit the return.

I would like myself or a client or another to be able to review a return without the restriction of having completed the connection to HMRC.

At the moment is it for those that have the power to download the report and provide it to someone else, which I think is unnecessary.

Thus retaining control over who can actually submit the return but spreading the load on who can look at a return.

Logged 16 07 2019.


Official Xero Reply
Hi everyone, the HMRC outage was challenging - the nature of the issue meant that people could not retrieve VAT returns from HMRC by MTD and VAT returns could not be submitted to HMRC by MTD during this time.

With the availability of the new Non MTD VAT return you can run an 'offline' VAT return at any time in Xero, even if you're on MTD VAT.

At the bottom of the MTD VAT dashboard there’s a link that can take you to non MTD, and vice versa - See our example here
If the Non MTD return is sequential to the last VAT return late claims will be automatically included

During the recent HMRC outage, over 1,000 Xero subscriptions that do VAT by MTD in Xero, used this capability to run a VAT return in Xero without being connected to HMRC.

There are improvements we're exploring to make more seamless, but first wanted to highlight that you can run VAT in Xero without a connection to HMRC, whether you deal with VAT by MTD or not.
Check out info on Xero Central, or raise a case with our team of specialists if you'd like to learn more.

Tim Wright (Xero Staff)