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PAYG Payment Summary - Personal Services Income

Started by Rod Carmody in Payroll Feature Requests | No plans

Why don't you have the feature able to produce these PAYG Payment Summaries - given that it is an ATO requirement?
I am sorry but I feel your Payroll component of your system is severely lacking in relation to the compliance requirements of business in Australia. I would recommend that you consider that all of the feature requests that relate to Payroll that havent been actioned for over 2-3 years be considered as essential to running a business.
Hi Kym, have you been much in touch with our Support team directly on this? While I completely appreciate creating a request here in the community, I do want to be upfront that I'll shortly be closing this as 'No Plans' so that everyone visiting can see our position on this from the get-go.

We truely aren't trying to make things difficult for any of our AU customers. With a region wide change involving online communications and technology we knew there would be questions to arise through this process - If there's any points around your payroll filings and moving tor STP that you'd like to clarify our specialsists are in the best position to help around these, so do reach out if you need.

Kelly M (Community Manager)