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STP Finalisation Totals & Report

Started by Courtney Bradford in Feature Requests | Working on it

When Finalising STP Payroll - show a total of all employees gross wages and be able to download a report showing the figures for each individual employee plus total as lodged with the ATO.
Yes a verification that it is filing the end YTD figures would be ideal. I can't seem to find confirmation that this is what happens?

Having done a couple of others in diff software (where STP was turned on during final quarter) we find that terminated employees from earlier in the year are not reported in the finalisation process unless a nil pay is done, then we see total gross, tax and super that will be reported for each employee and across the employer totals to confirm the STP finalisation is correct. Can Xero confirm if this is necessary or confirm that YTD's are being reported for ALL staff during this process?

Anita Corbran

Hi Anita,

In Xero I have found the terminated employees are still coming up and they have grey writing to say they have been terminated. To ensure I am not missing an employee I have been printing the Payment Summary report and then ticking each employee off - Time consuming for clients who have a lot of employees but better safe than sorry.

Courtney Bradford

Understand wanting more visibility of the detail that's going through to the ATO, Courtney and Anita.
Product did make a very recent update, so the CSV file that can be exported once STP is finalised will now contain all ETP figures that have been filed with the ATO.
Just navigate to the finalisation screen of STP, click the menu icon to the right of the employee, and download CSV - You'll find ETP in the far right columns, toward the end. :)

Kelly M (Community Manager)

We need to see what the ATO is receiving i.e we need a report when the payroll is filed. A STP report is required.

susie thomas

Thank you Xero! That works for us. I said to my colleague yesterday: Xero will have this fixed overnight ..... and they did!

Anita Corbran

Thanks Anita - Love the faith, and it's great to hear this does the job for what you're after. :)

@All - We're also working on enhancements to some of the reports. Which when available, you'll be able to print and download. I'll let you know here, when we're closer to having these to you all and what this looks like.

Kelly M (Community Manager)

That CSV option is not available for me on the STP finalisation screen?

Kate Stathis

Do you see the option when you click the 3 dots next to an employee, Kate? If not, come into our team with a screenshot of what you're seeing and they can take a better look into things. 🙂

Kelly M (Community Manager)

Yes, on the finalisation screen, it should display an employee list with total amounts for each category (gross, tax, super, lump sums), similar to what used to be displayed pre-STP when lodging payment summaries.

Clicking on each employee to double check the amounts being lodged to the ATO is a complete head when there are upwards of 30 employees.

Danielle Siers

Kelly, it has become confusing as to what you mean by Finalisation Screen.
There's one that is reached by Payroll menu | Employees | End of Year reports | STP Finalisation.
That shows a list of employees and their Finalisation Status, but no data (though you can click through one by one - too many button clicks, btw).
And then there's a new one reached by Payroll menu | Single Touch Payroll | Menu-of-STP-pay-years.
This is the one that has the three dots next to each STP Finalisation batch (I appear to have sent four now!) from which we can download the CSV. It seemed to mysteriously move in next door in the middle of the night.

I think most users are expecting to find the CSV button on the former page, much like the Payment Summaries page from the previous submission method. And we'd all like any report(s) to be accessible from there, even if it's also available on the Reports page (which it should be if we're going to be sensible).

Andrew P

As of very recently, you'll be able to export a .CSV with all employee detail before finalisation!

Like the first method you've mentioned above Andrew - once in the STP Finalisation screen, select the check box at the top of the list for all employees, at the bottom of the page you'll see an Export .CSV option is now available, so you can view all the payment information before it's sent across to the ATO.

We're still in the midst of building more visibility into some of the payroll reports, so I'll keep this open and swing back again once avaiable :)

Kelly M (Community Manager)

A PDF export would be great - CSV can be manipulated, so from a workpaper view is not ideal. Good to have something, but Xero's opponents provide much better reporting.

Jess Sluggett

Hi Kelly, I have made an amendment on submitted payment summary that includes ETP and PAYG adjustment. When I download the CSV file the PAYG adjustment I made in the pay run still reflects on the CSV file. Does it mean that it will be reported to in ATO?

Ann Rochelle Marcelo

Hi there. Not entirely related to this thread, but I am noticing a difference between the gross earnings from the Payroll Activity Details for an employee VS the gross payments figure reported to the ATO? I have re-calculated everything and not sure why it has reported an excess $2226 to the ATO.

Claire Grogan

Might want to reach out to our team on that Claire, they'll be able to take a closer look :)

Maya W (Community Manager)

Xero needs to urgently reinstate the CSV report that was available in the STP finalisation screen prior to clicking the "finalise and submit to the ATO button". There currently is no way to ensure what has been reported for STP from Xero agrees with the General Ledger or the Payroll Ledger totals for the year. To ensure the STP lodgements from Xero agree, I now have to go to the ATO STP lodgements report and balance from there. Really poor form Xero, please go and look at MYOB's STP finalisation reporting, it is excellent.

Anna Shannon

100% agree with Anna, why has this function been stopped? If deliberately stopped why keep the button to export to CSV as an option. If there is a problem why do you not make an announcement to advise partners that there is a problem - this report has been part of my authorization report to the client.

Claire Burrows

First time lodging STP final event from Xero. It surprised me to see there is no PDF format verification report in Xero. Sure I can download the CSV but that's not a good format for reporting purposes. I've definitely seen a better one before like in MYOB. I don't get it. What's the reasoning for not providing a downloadable PDF verification report?

Maggie Xu

Hi there,
I am having some trouble with tax withheld amounts not appearing on the STP summary before finalisation. Is there any reason that new casual staff in particular may not appear when they have worked over the threshold and it appears on pay slips already sent?

Peter Nolan