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AU Payroll - Creating Lump Sum D pay items

Started by Teresa Bu in Payroll Feature Requests | Idea

Currently, we cannot create Lump Sum D pay items for Redundancy and payment in lieu of notice in Xero. Redundancy pay has been automatically generated in some of my clients' file, but not all of them. Lack of these items means when I finalise payroll information through STP, it cannot pick up correct Lump Sum D amount, which I cannot update the field either. In this case, I'll have to issue payment summary for some particular person.

Can you please either add these two as Lump Sum D or add this new feature to let us do it?

Please note part of payment in lieu of notice forms Lump Sum D, part of it doesn't. It's better that we have the ability to create them by ourselves.

I'm having the same problem with Lump Sum payments, I've finalised the rest of the employees via STP but I assume I'll have to do a Payment Summary for the one employee for whom the Lump Sum reporting is not working in STP

Davina Bartels

Yes, that's one option. I've done an unscheduled pay run to move in lieu of notice to Redundancy so that STP can pick up the correct figure. Luckily, my client is happy for me to do so.

Teresa Bu