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Import Employees

Started by Rhys Roberts in Payroll Feature Requests | Idea

Until sometime last year Xero support offered as a service the import of employees to a new Xero file, loading a total of 37 data fields (name, address, date of birth, start date, pay calendar, TFN, BSB & Account number, tax options chosen and so on). Not complete but a substantial portion of the set up.

Then you introduced the "bulk upload" feature, and discontinued this import as a service. The new bulk upload has just 20 fields, gone are almost half the fields including TFN, BSB & Bank Account number (amongst others, but these are the painful ones). So now this has to be keyed manually. I am in the middle of setting up a client with almost 100 staff (plus another with 35). By my rough estimate this will require a full day of someone's time to manually key this data.

Already missing was the ability to upload a pay template and opening balances.

Sorry Xero, but actively removing these fields from the import option is just nonsense!

Can this be fixed? Unless it is I will steer all of my larger payroll clients to other payroll solutions.


Hey Rhys,

Yeah I'm just in the process of setting up a new payroll for 50+ employees. I was expecting some help on the load and now understand the service is not available. I suspect that is due to the underlying payroll system of xero which resides at a different level to the basic Xero contact set up.

Anyway this sucks big time as I can't really charge my client the rate to load all this information so I'm out of pocket and disappointed.


Dean Rogers

Hi Dean,

Yes, it is a major pain, and one that Xero show nil interest in fixing.

Program changes always take longer than those of us not doing the work anticipate, but to get to the position we have now they had to actively reduce already existing functionality - very frustrating!

For the size of payroll you are setting up I would almost certainly have got the client onto Keypay for payroll, with a minimal Xero standard subscription. Maybe if they lose enough subscription dollars they'll address this?

Cheers, Rhys

Rhys Roberts