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Import Employees

Started by Rhys Roberts in Payroll Feature Requests | Idea

Until sometime last year Xero support offered as a service the import of employees to a new Xero file, loading a total of 37 data fields (name, address, date of birth, start date, pay calendar, TFN, BSB & Account number, tax options chosen and so on). Not complete but a substantial portion of the set up.

Then you introduced the "bulk upload" feature, and discontinued this import as a service. The new bulk upload has just 20 fields, gone are almost half the fields including TFN, BSB & Bank Account number (amongst others, but these are the painful ones). So now this has to be keyed manually. I am in the middle of setting up a client with almost 100 staff (plus another with 35). By my rough estimate this will require a full day of someone's time to manually key this data.

Already missing was the ability to upload a pay template and opening balances.

Sorry Xero, but actively removing these fields from the import option is just nonsense!

Can this be fixed? Unless it is I will steer all of my larger payroll clients to other payroll solutions.