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AU Payroll: Timesheets - Option to edit after STP lodgement

Started by Rebecca Hill in Payroll Feature Requests | Idea

Our business reports largely on the use of cost centre's and job codes. With a large number of employees out in the field, we don't always have a completed timesheet by end of the payrun day.

Since the introduction of STP we are now unable to amend timesheets which either hadn't been entered, or possibly need recoding.

Is there a way the Timesheet function can be detached from payroll enough to allow us to edit even months down the track when reporting finds erroneous entries?

Or allow negative time to be entered so the code can be changed in future payruns?
Merged: Multiple timesheet for same period

Hi Xero Product Team,

It would be great if you can create a 2nd timesheet for the same pay period. If any staff members were ever missed being paid for anything and you need to create a new time sheet this can't be done without reverting the existing period to draft. However, if this period is already paid and processed through bank and STP filed this is not possible.

Ofcourse there is the option to create a manual pay-run however I need to use timesheets for tracking category/job costing purposes.



Adam Mobarek

Heya Adam, I'm going to pop your request over with a similar convo around editing / creating a Timesheet for a period that has already been processed. Keep an eye out on that request as it's where the Community Managers and I will come back to update everyone around any movement in this space. 😊

Kavi S (Community Manager)