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Email Send As @company-name.com not message-service@post.xero.com

Started by Chris Neophytou -   in Feature Requests | Submitted

Email Send As @company-name.com (not message-service@post.xero.com)

The new feature: http://blog.xero.com/2013/06/more-control-over-your-emails/
introduced on June 17 2013 has introduced the mandatory display of message-service@post.xero.com from outbound emails.

A feature in line with the proposal would:
- improve user corporate branding adding value to their business
- resolve the potential for confustion and save time to explain the reason for a strange email
- save user customer goodwill thereon
- improve user-Xero trust

I expect the full brunt of the update to hit Xero support circa 1st July when users normally send out auto-emails. If Xero could resolve this by then that would be fantastic.

useful related posts:
Merged: Email 'Send As' Function

I have just tried the new email 'Send As' function, and I am not happy with it.

I did a test and the email comes like this:

Companyname Accounts <message-service@post.xero.com>

not the accounts@company-name.com.au that it promises to use.

Will this be fixed? This is not really hard to do as I've worked on Mail servers for a very long time.


Skeeve Stevens  

You're lucky. I can't even change it. Go through to this and the screen is just blank.

Jason Crowle  

I also want to express my dissatisfaction with this latest update. This update makes exactly the same mistake as the update last October when online bills were introduced, the one where Xero put their hands up and said sorry and promised to be more careful in the future!

There is no technical reason why Xero cannot continue to offer us the option of having emails impersonate the sender address and provide the simple instructions to Xero users on how to set up their domain to prevent emails from being bounced.

It not acceptable to my company to have customers sent emails that purport to be from me, but that the reply to email address is NOT my email address. Xero need to sort this, and the userbase needs to get vocal in demanding that it is sorted.

Daniel Harris  

I've made the same comment on the blog, Daniel, and I agree with every word.

When invoices are being sent out, they're coming from message-service@post.xero.com.
This is completely unacceptable.
On one hand, it's advertising for Xero - again. On the other, it's going to cause clients to worry that the invoice isn't really from me.

The excuse is that this prevents invoices being filed as spam?
1. I've sent 200 invoices in a year and have NEVER had that problem.
2. If it's so big a problem, let us use our own SMTP server. Don't just use your own email next to my company's name, thanks.

All invoices look like they come from Xero now. If you use Rapportive, check out how the invoice is displayed. Your company's invoice, Xero's contact information.

In the meantime, feature requests are ignored over and over. We can't store two email addresses on a contact, or store our password, or send a purchase order. Yet nobody cares or does anything about it.

I am sick and tired of the way these features are pushed out with no consultation. We're PAYING for this software. We're happy to take our business elsewhere, Xero. Once was careless. Twice is taking the mick.

Red Robot Media Office  

I have to say actually I misspoke earlier, the reply-to address is set to the custom value, but still the sent from address is message-service@post.xero.com ... thats still not what we want our customers to see (and it does show in Mac Mail - as opposed to Outlook etc which hide the senders email address).

Daniel Harris  

I agree, I've been out of the office for a few days so I have only just noticed this (after I already sent out some new invoices). I could go off on a rant about it but I would basically be repeating @Claire in previous post. Specifically the part about "On one hand, it's advertising for Xero - again. On the other, it's going to cause clients to worry that the invoice isn't really from me."

Philip Duncan  

I find it hard to believe that Xero would intentionally advertise that the invoice was sent from Xero... but that's the case, that's appauling! Even more appauling given that it wasn't that way when we signed up to use Xero. Surely the team at Xero don't believe that a "from" address such as message-service@post.xero.com is going to generate business for them? It's more likely that they will loose business from it!

Andrew Bryson  

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff) responded to this on https://community.xero.com/business/discussion/65521#answer1958120
his proposal is "to measure feedback"

I couldn&#39;t see a way to vote on this post so I hope you (credit to Skeeve Stevens) don&#39;t mind me adding a feature request for:
"Email Send As @company-name.com not message-service@post.xero.com"

This is to help clarify the scale of the issue for Andrew&#39;s benefit (see post above) and to separate it from the previous feature request "Send Invoicing Emails from a Different address to Xero Login" which is currently ticked as "done"!

So PLEASE VOTE for the feature if you think it&#39;s important!

Chris Neophytou  

@chris That's ridiculous of Xero, how can they possibly mark the feature request as done? To me "Send Invoicing Emails from a Different address to Xero Login" involves some sort of choice as to what that address is. I could be wrong but that's what think the intent was when they made the request. Technically sending from message-service@post.xero.com is a different address to the login address, but what does that help to achieve? Marking it as complete is taking the mick. A xero login may be name@companyname.com but the person wants to send from accounts@companyname.com or admin@companyname or something similar.

Philip Duncan  

I'm in total agreement, Chris. The update just released is really unsatisatisfactory, epecially given the extended time it was in development. Having invoices sent from any domain other than that of my company is not good for branding and is likely to cause confusion or, worse, suspicion. The xero.com domain is hardly a ubiquitously known domain that instills trust-- not that it is untrustworthy, but sending from any third party domain is a problem as far as I'm concerned. Right now, I save every invoice as a PDF and manually send them using my own email client, and every time I do, I'm frustrated with Xero because you have 95% of the functionality in place to provide an awesome 1-click invoicing service but just don't seem to be nailing the final 5%!

Rich MacDonald  

Thanks for the support @RichMacDonald. Absolutely! If it is an important feature for you please use the vote at the top of the screen (you can unvote for things if you have run out).

Chris Neophytou  

Hi @Philip Duncan. Absolutely agreed. Do you want to vote for the feature (you can unvote for things if you have run out)?

Chris Neophytou  

I'm with you Chris and you have my vote. Xero's reasoning is that they have deliverability issues, and that this mechanism fixes that. What it does actually is potentially harm deliverability as we are now all relying on the xero.com reputation. If for some reason Xero's reputation takes a hit then all our (every user of xero) emailed invoices will end up in Spam. A set up guide to configure ones domain correctly using SPF / DKIM etc would take 10 minutes to write.

Daniel Harris  

Hi all, please see Chris's link and use your votes to get Xero to sit up and notice their solution is wrong.

Daniel Harris  

I've only just noticed this but despited other comments about the new address not being visible in mail clients, this is not the case in Outlook 2013 - the Xero email address is plain to see.
We've never had any issues with delivery and not only has this change been a big step backwards we are hugely disappointed that it was not made clear, even on the mail settings screen, that this change has been made.

Andy T  

We send nearly 200-300 invoices out a month ... Everything was working fine now suddenly there is a major problem in that customers are not receiving their invoices ... I can only assume its because of this silly sent from address change which is hitting their junk email or spam filters ... XERO ... This is a major step backwards!!!

Manish Dev  

It looks to me like post.xero.com has got blacklisted on a spam filter because we are now all at the mercy of Microsoft's Outlook.com service ... yes - post.xero.com has the following MX record configured - post-xero-com.mail.eo.outlook.com ... further evidence of someone not understanding what they are doing.

Daniel Harris  

Merged: remove the from address on email sent from xero being message-service@post.xero.com

I want to be able to set the from address on emails sent out to customers from xero to whatever I want it to be or if it has to be my user login then so be it ...


I do not want it to be "message-service@post.xero.com"

Manish Dev  

I'm all out of votes, but support this. Customers receiving invoices should be unaware of the platform it is sent from. The online invoice is bad enough but at least it can be removed.

Chris Dixon  

I completely agree with Chris. However I suspect, based on previous comments from Xero, that they will ignore requests to make changes. It would appear that the chance of a feature request getting implemented is inversely proportional to the votes it has.

Philip Duncan  

Please remember to vote for this issue, not just comment on it.

Chris Keeble  

It'd be great if xero invoices could be sent through my company's own SMTP server with no indication that they originated in Xero. I fear that the deliverability of Xero invoices will go down with this change and really fear a day when the Xero IP addresses over which email is currently sent get blacklisted.

Mark Dalgarno  

We to have started to notice problems with clients not receiving invoices.
Sure your going to have delivery problems even with sending from yourdomain@, but to blanket implement this to Xero with no option is bad.

Sarah Atkins  

Thanks for the support! I would be very interested to hear back from the Xero marketing team as to how they would feel about Xero's own invoices being sent from "message-service@post.suppliername.com". Does anyone have ideas on how we reach them about this? (The Xero blog "More control over your emails" seems censored to such an invitation)

Chris Neophytou  

"Beautiful accounting software"; making our clients look ugly.

Andy T  

Come on Xero ... this is really BAD ... get it fixed!!!

Manish Dev  

Xero - please update your customers! - 27 votes and counting.

Ali Saigar  

Hi - for those wanting an update - the quickest update I can give is to point to our product manager's (Andrew's) comment on the related thread posted above: Send invoicing emails from a different address to Xero login

I'm also working with our security team on a fuller explanation - we see many of you are unhappy with the implementation of this.

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

Hi Catherine, thank you. I appreciate that you have responded to this!

Andrew's feedback would be really valued on this feature request too as "Send invoicing emails..." is essentially closed unless it's be possible to remove the "done" tick so users can continue to vote on it.

Also, I am sure the community would really appreciate a response from how Xero marketing's view on Xero's own invoices being sent from "message-service@post.suppliername.com". Do you think it would be possible to give them a gentle nudge?

Chris Neophytou  

Xero - Can I request you review this and resolve it. As an accountant who recommends Xero to many clients, many who issue large volumes of sales invoices, it is very frustrating for my clients.

Andrew Knibb  

Just chased some invoices to find that they hadn't been received. It turned out to be an older email address that had been removed from the client's mailbox - this was immediately obvious from the non-delivery receipt. However, we didn't get the NDR because they now get sent to Xero.
Xero - please do something about this.

Andy T  

Subscribers! At the moment, if you send an invoice via Xero which doesn't get delivered for some reason and bounces back you won't know about it.

Xero receives the Non Delivery Report (NDR) and not you.

This is because of the recent changes in the way email is sent.

I hear that Xero are spending time developing a system to forward NDR (non delivery receipts) back to subscribers. Why waste time doing this? Get it fixed properly and let us use our own accounts@companydomain.com email addresses again!


Andre Vaux  

Right, so that explains why I've had 3 or 4 phone conversations in the last couple of days where the customer says they never received an invoice but the notes in xero say it was sent to the correct address and I never got any bounce back notifications. That wasted quite a bit of time (hours) and caused everyone confusion.
If this is something Xero knows about then it's shocking that they did not tell us about it. If I had known I could have sent important emails directly from our office and not via Xero.

Philip Duncan  

Ok so I spoke to someone from Xero (just getting someone on the phone was a drama in itself) and they confirmed that it's true that xero users are not receiving NDR's or bounce notifications. They get sent straight to Xero, all to the same address and they claim it's impossible for me or anyone else to be sent a list of all our bounce backs because they cant separate out the list from thousands of notifications from everyone else.
Turns out they have known about this for at least 6 weeks but they decided not to tell us users about it. They claim they are working on a fix that may take up to a couple of months (read 6 months knowing xero). Their excuse was that it was not practical to email everyone and let them know since there are over 100,000 users. So I pointed out they could use the message thingy from within xero that they use to tell us about updates. The person on the phone had no comeback to that suggestion and could not explain why this has not happened yet.

Philip Duncan  

So, this new system supposedly solves deliverability issues, but Xero are receiving thousands of NDRs? Must be quite a few deliverability issues around the new system then.

This badly thought out "solution" makes us seriously question whether Xero are the right people to entrust our whole business to especially given this ticket has also been ignored:
so there's no quick and easy way to backup our data.

I actually got a phonecall from Xero (number withheld), but not to tell us anything we didn't already know - so it doesn't look as though this system is changing any time soon.
Xero still seem to be under the impression that saving invoices and sending them manually is an acceptable work-around.

We've also suggested that some public communication about these problems might be wise.
Xero seem to be seriously underestimating how important trust is. The way they are dealing with issues like this is making us seriously question whether we've done the right thing relying on them to look after our most business critical data.

I have stopped recommending Xero for now, so I think that's 5-10 subscriptions they might otherwise have had so far.


Andy T  

Very disappointed by the response I've received from Ben Tate, Xero's UK Customer Experience Manager - I'd go so far as to say he's in the wrong job.

Perhaps he'll listen to his customers about their experiences with Xero if they contact him directly: ben.tate@xero.com

Good luck though, he commented that he thought I might end up "throwing my keyboard at a wall" on reading his last email. Perhaps he has issues.

Chris Keeble  

I'd love to see that reply from Mr Tate ...

Daniel Harris  

Ok, I toyed with whether to post this, but feel it's appropriate to do so and am confident that the contents of the email from Ben Tate, although addressed to me personally, are suitable for publishing. So, as the max answer size here is 2,500 characters I've copied the conversation into a Google Doc which you can view here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1H0qAjA2S1EdnO0p8FaFPZOnEARfAzISECTAnGGDnF4A/edit?usp=sharing

Chris Keeble  

Thanks for sharing Chris - not surprising that much of Ben's response was in email rather than public - it really does look like we are wasting our time communicating our issues. In fact, Andrew Tokely told me that 'We are monitoring all feedback on the issue you originally raised very closely to see if there is significant backlash.' Perhaps we've just been slower than other in realising we are wasting our time and other's are simply focussing on looking for a replacement.
The bit that made me laugh the most from Ben's email was "Taking the time to build well designed and effective solutions (which Xero as a company excels at)" They certainly took their time, but this solution is neither well designed or effective.Having said that it probably would have taken me 18 months of trying to think of stupid ideas to come up with a solution as bad as this one.
Here's a good idea Xero - When a feature request has been raised describe your proposed solution in the feature request discussion before developing it, just in case you come up with another ID10T solution. You have a large community of intelligent business owners at your disposal. Save yourselves a lot of time and hassle by listening to us, running ideas by us and not wasting development time on bad ideas.

You've started well, you had a great deal of loyalty - don't throw it away by being arrogant and alienating your biggest fans.

Andy T  

@Andy - I couldn't have said it better myself.

Chris Keeble  

Very nicely put Andy

Daniel Harris  

Hi Everyone,
I make the Outlook and Excel Addons for Xero. I just came across this discussion today and I've put together a bit of a workaround that might help some of you out. I've released a new update for my Outlook addon that lets you issue your invoices direct from Outlook (See http://www.quickwindevelopment.com/?p=4991).
You'll need my Outlook addon; there's a free 14 day trial and you'll need Outlook 2007-2013. Also, due to limitations of the API, I can't add the payment link.

If you have any questions or issues, just send me an email on ruairi@quickwindevelopment.com

Ruairi M  

Yesterday I was chatting to one of our clients who asked us "what is going on with your invoicing?".
I asked what he meant by that.
He replied that he'd noticed that our invoices were now coming from a Xero email address. He then commented that he didn't think it looked professional. He also thought that the email may not be legitimate.

That's not great - coming from a customer!

Andre Vaux  

@Andre - I honestly believe that Xero could not care less what our customers think. They don't even care too much what their own customers think.
I spoke to someone from xero who tried to assure me that they are taking this seriously. I pointed out that this is a live system we are using and invoice emails are getting lost on a daily basis which very quickly adds up to thousands of dollars in late payments. We are still subscribing to this system paying the same price each month but the system is actually broken. For them to say they are working on a fix which may take a couple of months shows their lack of urgency. It's not as if we can stop trading and wait a month for them to fix their email system.
I challenged him that Xero should admit publically that this is a problem known to them and notify ALL xero users that they may have issues with sending emails and to do so at their own risk (or something similar). They can use their in-Xero messaging system they use when they tell us about recent updates. If they take this problem seriously that is.
I've got $20 that says they will not do this because they want to hide their mistakes.

Philip Duncan  

Ben Tate (Xero's UK Customer Experience Manager) replied to me this morning:


I don't expect it to "go away" and I have no intention of trying to let it.

I don't have an update for you other than this is being discussed within the Xero team and that we are definitely hearing the pain this is causing some of our users.


Ben Tate
UK Customer Experience Manager


Ben's email address is ben.tate@xero.com if any other Xero customers feel like letting him know how they feel...

Chris Keeble  

Sadly it looks like despite all that's been said Andrew Tokely has made up his mind.
See his post from last night:

I don't know if this is a recent decision or just hadn't been communicated to Ben or Catherine but they were unaware yesterday.

The general message from Xero is 'we understand the issues and how unhappy you are, but we still aren't going to do anything about it.'

Any recommendations for alternatives?

Andy T  

Hi Andy,
I mentioned a few posts up the page that support sending Invoices from Outlook. This means you're using your own email address and you can even edit the email before it's sent.

Let me know if this helps.

Ruairi M  

@Ruairi - Thanks for your suggestion but your Outlook addin is not what we're looking for (and I don't think Andy is either). We certainly don't want to have to start sending emails from Outlook - Xero automatically sends out invoice emails, and we want the feature fixed.

Chris Keeble  

@Ruairi Thanks, but Chris is right - your add-in is great, particularly for sending quotes but it doesn't solve the problem of automated recurring emails being sent automatically while we sleep.

Andy T  

Is anyone going to XeroCon London next week?
It looks like Andrew Tokely will be there and available to answer questions.

PS - also worth keeping an eye on http://blog.xero.com/2013/06/more-control-over-your-emails/comment-page-2/#comment-50409 for a response on the 'spoofing' emails.

Andy T  

My Clients are not receiving invoices!! So frustrating having to go back and save the invoice as a PDF and re-emailing it to them. Lame!!

Joanna Johnson  

@Joanna - I would have thought that they would have more sense of urgency about fixing this problem with non delivery reports. I managed to get some joker from xero on the phone recently and complained that not getting the NDR reports is bad enough but the thing that has wasted many hours of my time was that they did not tell us users about it after it became known to them as a problem sometime in late July. He offered to put me on a list of people that will be sent an email saying the problem is fixed once the problem is fixed, as if they are the ones doing me a favour or something. Point is all xero users are affected by this problem, so they should be telling everyone about it. Not just me and a few others and only because we took the time to contact them and complain about it. I only found out about the problem from this community thread, after I had been sending out invoices for over a month already, totally unaware that some of them were not being delivered at the other end.
To date, that I am aware of, Xero has not publically admitted to this problem and they have not sent a message to all users telling them about the problem.
As I said to the xero guy, obviously email is never 100% perfect even with NDR's working so issues are always going to happen from time to time anyway. Therefore if Xero are open an honest about what's happening we wont be so frustrated about this.

Philip Duncan  

Accountingweb are currently doing their customer satisfaction survey - it closes on the 30th Sept:

Andy T  

@all - as promised, we've just finished writing up a document, to help explain how emails are sent from Xero and to address the concerns several of you have raised on this thread. Note that while we have no immediate plans to make any updates to this area, we are not ruling out future enhancements.

Also, regarding the NDR bug - this has now been fixed, apologies for the issues this has caused.

Andrew Tokeley (Xero Staff)  

Good write-up.

I almost certainly fall into the more technical part of your user base having led an email deliverability project at a medium-sized ISV sending around 20 million emails a month, so may be atypical :-)

Now that you're using Agari and engaging with email providers I'm happier. I have always been concerned that any Xero user engaging in more spammy behaviour could bring down the deliverability of my own invoices - but I really don't think this would be a major problem and I assume you're on top of that now if it is found to be happening.

It's also great to see that you're handling bounces well.

Mark Dalgarno  

I predicted earlier that Xero will refuse to notify all users about the NDR (not just the users reading this thread or the blog).
Looks like I was right. Proves my point that they are not taking this seriously.
I am pleased they have finally fixed this NDR issue, don't get me wrong about that.

Philip Duncan  

Good write up, and it would have been such great customer care practice if this had been sent as an option to read before the changes were made. At least then you expect not to know about bounces.

Don't personally care about the branding that much, but not knowing if emails have arrived has had an impact on my cashflow the last couple of months. Indeed it's only now that some invoices are getting to be a couple of months late that I realise that some of the emails didn't get through. This has been very embarrassing - I'm setting debt collectors onto people who haven't received invoices, and I've been taking direct debit payments without the customer having been notified.

Some notification of failure is essential. The email marketing companies can do it, so Xero must be able to.


Tania Houston  

It's a small datapoint as we take most of our payment by credit card rather than invoice but our credit controller reports that no one they've called recently has failed to receive their invoice by email whereas nearly everyone we contacted a couple of months ago had failed to get their invoice by email.

Mark Dalgarno  

IT folk around the world have spent years discouraging people not to open email attachments from email addresses they don’t recognise, especially ones asking for money. Now we have to tell them that they should? +1 to (some people in) Nigeria.

Andy T  

I may be in the minority, but I don't think the aforementioned PDF is an acceptable resolution. Customers aren't getting invoices, they don't trust the sender, payments are late and it looks wholly unprofessional when I have to apologise for the idiosyncrasies of my accounting software every month. I don't think the current system is working and I, like many users, am fed up with being fobbed off when features are fudged or take 2+ years to be changed. I'll give Xero til the end of the year to sort this before I move on.

Red Robot Media Office  

@Claire - ditto. We're already trialling other systems as I've had enough of Xero's attitude.

Chris Keeble  

Hi Claire and Chris,

I've just come across this discussion. I'm working on web-based application which will allow you email your Xero invoices with your own company email addresses.

It will also allow you the following:
- send multiple Xero invoices in one email.
- send Xero invoices in any format your customer want it to be (PDF with your own branding, TXT, CSV, XLSX, XML, ANSI, EDIFACT, etc).
- import invoice data and create Xero Invoices automatically (this will save time for those who's been creating lots of invoices in Xero manually; very tedious job to say the least).

If you're interested, please email me at sandeep.thammadi@leadtec.com.au and I would be more than happy to give you early access to the application.

Sandeep Thammadi
Senior Developer
Leadtec Systems Australia

Sandeep Thammadi  

Hi Sandeep,

Thanks for the info, which is appreciated.

This is not a feature we want to use an external tool / application for, neither would we want to pay extra for this type of feature (if it was to eventually become a commercial application).
Many thanks for the reply though.

We're currently testing Kashflow and will be leaving Xero as soon as we're satisfied that Kashflow can do everything we need it to (so far so good).


Chris Keeble  

Thank you for your feedback Chris.

Ability to email your Xero invoices with your own company email address is just one of many customizations the app offers.

Other features include ability to send Xero invoices in a format your customer need it to be (e.g. CSV, TXT, XML, EDIFACT, ANSI, etc).

In addition, it allows you to send multiple Xero invoices in a single email.

For those interested, KloudBunch is now ready and I welcome everyone to give it a try.

Please email me at sandeep.thammadi@leadtec.com.au if you have any questions or feedback on the app.

Sandeep Thammadi
Senior Solutions Developer

Sandeep Thammadi  

Any progress on this subject? Choosing Xero was strongly influenced by the ability to automatically schedule invoices to come from our own email address. We're getting pretty fed up of having to send these manually even with the help of Outlook integration tools.
We haven't migrated yet, but it's still on the agenda because of this issue.
We've stopped complaining a lot because:

A: It's pointless, Xero don't give a rats'
B: We're to busy sending invoices manually and trying to find time to test other accounting solutions.


Andy T  

Agreed! As someone running an accounting practice, this issue is a big consideration when thinking about which software to recommend to our clients.

Chris Neophytou  

How come mail chimp and other applications can do it, but not xero


I just found the thread and can't believe that you can't use your own company email. Why not another work around then. Like gmail? You can setup an smtp account with gmail and send from an account and hide the email from gmail.


Very disappointing our company was so happy to make a move to Xero, but now we are not so sure. I thought Xero had a great reputation for delivering what there clients needed. We have tested everything and really like Xero! But we can't send emails from xero.com? Not all our clients know who that is and it is hard to verify. So if it gets mistaken then we don't get paid. If we don't get paid then we can't use Xero - I will stay in contact, just incase there is anymore updates on this issue.


To reiterate what Andrew said earlier, there were issues when sending invoices by impersonating email addresses. By sending your invoices from the message-service address, there’s a much higher chance of them being delivered. Whatsmore, the subject line will always say who the email has come from, and you can set the email address that you’d like replies to come to.

For a greater explanation of the reasoning behind this, please have a look at this document.

We’re not planning to change how this works, but hopefully this helps you all with understanding why we do this now.

Matt O (Community Manager)  

Hi All,

Just to remind everyone, KloudBunch is now available and it allows you to email your Xero invoices with your own company email address amongst other cool features.

Everyone's welcome to give it a try at no cost.

Sandeep Thammadi
Senior Solutions Developer

Sandeep Thammadi